[Stutis / Kavachaas, Ashtottaraas and Sahasranaamaas from the Series of Essence of Puranas]

Paapa Naashaka Stotra

When a human being is smitten by sins like ‘Parastree gamana’ (illicit relations with other’s women), ‘Paraswaapaharana’ (robbing the belongings of others) and ‘Jeeva himsa’ (brutality against various Beings), then ‘Prayaschitta’ (penance) is said to be the recitation of the following ‘Stuti’ (tribute) to Vishnu Deva:
Vishnavey Vishnavey nityam Vishnavey namah, Namaami Vishnum Chithasthamahamkaaragatih Harim/ Chitasthameeshamavyakta manantamaparijitam, Vishnumeedyamaseshana Ananda nidhanam Vibhum/ Vishnuschagato yanmey Vishnu buddhi gatascha yat, Yacchaahamkaarago Vishnuryadvishnur -mayi  samshitah/ Karoti Karma bhutesou sthaavarasya charasyacha, Tat paapam naashamaayaatu tasmitreva hi chintatatey/ Dhaato harati yat Paapam   swapney drushtastu bhaavanaat, Tamupendra -maham Vishnum Pranamaami Paraatparam/ Sarwasvareswara Vibho Paramaatma Trijdhokshajah, Hrishikesha Hrishikesha Hrishikesha namostutey/ Nrisimhaananta Govinda Bhutabhaavana Keshava, Duruktam dushkrutam dhyatam Shaamaaagham namostutey/ Yanmaya chintitam drushtam  Swachinta -vasha  vartinaa, Akaarya Mahadatyugram tavacchimam naya Keshava/ Brahmanya Deva Govida Paramartha paraayana, Jagannatha Jagatbhaatah Paapa prashama achyutam/ Yathaapaharney Saayaahney Madhyaahnecha tatha nishi, Kaayena Manasaa Vaachaa kritam paapama -jaanataa/ Jaanataacha Hrishikesha Pundarikaakshah Madhava, Naamatrotyatchaaranatah Paapam yaau mama kshayam/ Shareeram mey Hrishikesha Pundareekaaksha Madhava, Paapam prashamayaadya twam Vaakaritham mama Madhava/  Yadbhunjana yat Swapamstisthan gacchaan jaagrad yadashitaha, Kritavaan paapamadyaaham kaayena manasaa giraa/ Yat swalpamapi yat sthuulam kuyoni narakaavaham, tad yaatu prashamam sarvam Vaasudevaanu keertinaat/ Param Brahma Param dhaama pavitram paramamcha yat, Tasmin prakeertitey Vishnou yat paapam tat pranashyatu/ Yat praapya na nivartantey gandhasprashaadi varjitam, Surayastah sarvam shamatvagham/

( Sarva Vyapi Vishnu! My salutations to you. Srihari Vishnu! My greetings to you. I pray to that Vishnu who is all-pervasive, selfless and firmed up in my heart. I implore that Vishnu who is fully radiant in my Soul and who is Unknown, Everlasting, and Unconquerable. My earnest veneration to the awe-inspiring, all powerful and ageless Paramatma who is far above the beginnings and finalities! Vishnu is steeped in my heart; Vishnu is the illumination of my ‘Antaratma’or in my inner-consciousness; Vishnu is my self-image! May that Vishnu who is the under-current of ‘Charaachara praanis’ or the Moveable and Immoveable Beings demolish my sins with his benevolence! To those devotees who meditate to him with sincerity, their blemishes are destroyed; the griefs under his protection are flattened and he appears before them in their dreams. It is he who extends his hand in this utterly supportless world full of darkness and gloom and to that manifestation of singular optimism that I urge upon for that succor. My homage to you Sarveswara! Vibho! Hrishikesha! Hrishikesha! Hrishikesha! Nrisimha! Ananta! Govinda! The Originator of the Universe! Kindly condone the sinful words and deeds of mine. Whatever mindless thoughts and evil conversations that I have made may be dissolved. You are the bench-mark of ‘Maryada’ (graciousness) and embodiment of mercy, Jagannatha! My prayers are to uplift me from the low levels of ignorance and viciousness and being the Creator and Preserver of the Srishti, pardon my hopeless sins and accept my assurances not to repeat my indiscretions in future. I might have committed sins in the mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights, whether knowingly or forgetfully; physically, mentally or by way of conversation; may all these transgressions be wiped out by my mere utterances of the three sacred names of yours viz.  Pundarikaksha, Hrishikesha and Madhava.  What ever sins of mine that were perpetrated while eating, sleeping, standing, moving about, or fully awaken by way of thought, deed or vocal means-be it a small or huge proportion-be rescinded. Oh Vasudeva! Parabrahma! Paramadhama! Parama Pavitra! May my offenses be revoked by my singing of holy hymns of your propitious names. May Maha Vishnu from whom Jnaanis and Yogis never return after attaining him and who is devoid of, and untouched by, Tanmatras like smell, touch and vision cancel all my wrong doings.)

Paapa pranaashanam strotram yah patheycchrunuyaadapi, Sharirai maanasair vaagvijaih krutaaih paapaihi pramuchyatey/ Sarvapaapagrahaadibhyo yaati padam, Tasmaat Paapey krutey japyamStotram Sarvaaghamardinam/ Praayaschittamaghaudhaanaa stotram vratakrutey varam, Praayaschitthaih stotra japairvratarnashyati paatakam/ 

(Those persons who aim at destroying sins should read or atleast hear the above ‘Stotra’ so that they would surely get rid of all kinds of sins committed by physical, mental or vocal means as also free from the severities of ‘Paapa Grahaas’ and accomplish ‘Vishnu Paramapada’. Thus this Stotra is a panacea and an effective ‘Prayaschitta’ (atonemnt) for a multitude of sins. Hence to attain the siddhis of ‘Bhogas’ (enjoyments) and Moksha (Salvation), this golden ‘Stotra’be recited with sincerity). [Essence of Agni Purana]


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This series of Stutis /Kavachas, Ashtottaras and Sahasranamas from the series of Essence of Puranas have been Compiled and edited by Sri. V.D.N.Rao,devotee of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam and Retired Official of the Government of India. The author can be contacted at

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