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Bhagwan Shiv presents Shiva Puarana in English, condensed by Sri. V.D.N.Rao, devotee of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam and Retired Official of the Government of India. The author can be contacted at




Bhagavan Siva describes Super Force as a Unified Entity of Trimurthis

‘Panchakrityas’ (Five Duties) of Main Deities prescribed by Siva

The Mighty Power of Omkara and Panchakshari Mantras

Worship method of Siva Lingas

‘Yashya Nisvasitam Vedah’ (Who exhaled Vedas?)-Super Energy creates Vishnu

Trinity’s Consorts and their Ages

Brahma creates Rudra and Universe

Bhagavan Siva decided to reside at Kailash nearby Kubera’s abode

Links of Devis Sandhya- Arundhati- Sati and Girija

Sati Devi’s wedding to Rudra Deva

Destruction of Daksha Yagna by Virabhadra

Devi Parvati’s wedding with Bhagavan Siva

The birth of Kartikeya and the end of Tarakasura

Anecdotes of Kartikeya and Ganesha

Series of Siva’s victories over Demons

Five basic incarnations of Bhagavan Siva

Lord Siva’s ten incarnations corresponding to those of Shakti

Lord Siva’s 'Ekadasa Rudra’ manifestations

Trinity blesses Sage Atri and Anasuya with triplets

Many other incarnations of Lord Siva

Description of ‘Dvadasa (Twelve) Jyotirlingas’

Upa Lingas

‘Siva Sahasranamas’ (Thousand Names of Siva)

‘Phala Sruti’ of Sivasahasranama Stotra

Some Illustrious Devotees to Siva and Special Austerities in Worship

Observance of Maha Sivarathri and its significance

Steps towards Salvation

Siva Gyan – Its Import and the Course

Lord Krishna approaches Sage Upamanu for Siva ‘Darshan’

Charity and its far reaching impact

Significance of ‘Satya’ (Truth) and ‘Tapasya’ (Meditation)

Attainment of Siva Loka and Superiority of Human Life

Supremacy of Kriya Yoga coupled with Jnana and Bhakti Yogas- Construction of Bhagavati Temple

Significance of Siva Purana

Omkara ‘Jigjnasha’ (Knowledge) -Its comprehension and Practice

‘Puja Vidhhanam’ or the Course of Worship to Bhagavan Siva

Description of Bhagavan Siva

‘Maha Vakyas’ (Illustrious Statements) about Siva Gyan

Origin of Vedas, Time, Basic Duties and Pasupati Vrata

Siva Purana ‘Phalasruti’

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