Bhagwan Shiv

Trinitys Consorts and their Ages

Bhagavan Siva demonstrated that His left half was Vishnu and His right half was Brahma who also created Rudra for the purpose of Destruction. Bhagavan Siva then revealed Bhagavati Uma as His consort or Nature or ‘Maya’ (The Great Illusion); Lakshmi as Lord Vishnu’s Consort and Sarasvati as Brahma’s Consort.Bhagavan Siva also indicated the Ages of Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra: Brahma’s one day consists of  four thousand eras and additionally one night comprises another four thousand eras. His age being one hundred years, Brahma’s one day and night are multiplied by three hundred sixty five days.

His life time is eight thousand eras multiplied by three hundred sixty five day/nights further multiplied by one hundred years! One day/night of Vishnu is one year of Brahma and the former’s age is hundred years too. As regards Rudra, His one day/night is that of Vishnu’s one year and Rudra’s age too is of the duration of hundred years.

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