Bhagwan Shiv

Brahma creates Rudra and Universe

Once Bhagavan Siva made the rudimentary aspects of Srishti (Creation) like Vishnu and Brahma, carved out the responsibilities of Trinity, their Consorts and ages as also the Pranava Mantra, Five Basic Elements, The Three’ Gunas’, the Pancha Tanmatras, the Five Sensory Organs, and so on and disappered. Brahma created water and a Huge Egg into which Vishnu provided consciousness to the Egg and sat in. Creation proceeded further as Kailash Mountain and the Seven Worlds. Brahma being still unsatisfied at His performance, He used Tamo Guna to create all static things and four footed animals, Satvika Guna to produce Deities and, Rajas Guna to produce Human beings.

  Each time, Brahma accomplished a part of Creation; He was lost in penance intermittenly and thus carried on the task. With the approval of Bhagavan Siva, Lord Brahma created Rudra from His eyebrows, half of Rudra being ‘Ardhanareesvara’ or Half Man and Half- Woman. Rudra in turn created Rudra Ganas (all resembling Himself) and as requested by Brahma, created mortals since that was a task of annihilation meant for Rudra Himself. Brahma then created Sages Marichi from His eyes, Bhrigu from heart, Angira from head, Pulah from Vyana Vayu, Pulasthya from Udana Vayu, Vasishtha from Samana Vayu,Kratu from Apana Vayu, Atri from ear, Daksha Prajapati from Prana Vayu, Narada from lap, Kardama and Dharma from His shadows, and Manasa Putras viz. Sanaka, Sananda,  Sanatana, Sanath Kumars, two halves of His body as Manu and Satarupa and they gave birth to Priyavratha and Uttanapad as sons respectively; Satarupa also gave birth to Akuti married to Sage Ruchi, Devahuti to Sage Kardama, and Daksha Prajapati to Prasuti. The various Sages and others thus created by Brahma procreated progenies and filled in the entire World eventually. For instance, Marichi’s son Kashyapa who married thirteen of the sixty daughters of Daksha, had procuced several clans of the Universe including Daityas, Serpents and vicious species born of Diti and Devas from Aditi.

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