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Significance of Satya (Truth) and Tapasya (Meditation)

Sathyameva Parabrahma Satyameva Param Thapah/
Satyameva Paro Yagnah Satyameva Para Srutham/
Satyam Sushteshu Jagatih Satyam cha Paramam Padam/
Satyanaiva Ghritha Pridhvi Satya Sarva Prathishthinam/

(Truth is Parabrahma, Truth is Great Meditation, Truth is Sacred Yagna, Truth is highly revered, Truth awakens the slumberous or ignorant, Truth holds the entire Earth, and in this Truth only the entirety exists.)

All aspects of Existence like Tapas (meditation), Yagnas or Sacrifices, Funds of ‘Punya’ or Essence of Virtuous Deeds, Devas, Rishis, Pitrus, Worship, water, Vidya or Enlightenment are all steeply firmed up in Truth alone. Truth is Omkara representing Sarasvati or Goddess of Studies and of Mantras who literally controls the intrepretation of Learning. It is only due to the power of Truth that ‘Vayu’ or the Wind God -and indeed the very ‘Prana’ or the Life Line- enables the World to exist.  Sun God radiates heat and light creating days and nights and the very measure of Time due to the Super Energy which is called Truth. Similarly Fire God exists and so does Varun God or the God of Rains; the Planets, Vedas that guide human beings to lead to meaningful existence and fulfillment of lives. If the fruits of performing thousands of Asvamedha and other Yagnas or Sacrifices are on one side of a Balance and a little bit of Truth or Virtue on the other, the Balance would instantly tilt in favour of Truth. Truth alone is the paramount religion or Faith. It is the Parama Mantra par excellence. Innumerable Rishis or various Religious Heads of Faiths, or the humanity as a whole, the Supernatural Elements, Devas, and the entire Universe comprising the Moving and Non-moving beings of Creation have to surrender to the Supremacy of Truth and Truth alone. This is the basic reason why one’s conscience pricks when Non-Truth is said or followed and  it is the Truth that triumphs in the long run or ‘Satyameva Jayatey’. The emphasis of Truth by way of Speech, Thought, Deed and all other forms is a way of life.

Tapas’ (meditation or penance) is the most potent weapon; normal human beings tend to confuse it as a small slot of prayer; indeed ‘Tapas’ is a whole way of life. It is a conscious act of physical control (Indriya Nigraha) and mental concentration. It is a higher form of ‘Yoga’- a resultant of sacrifice and ‘Jnana’ or awareness. It yields satisfaction, sense of fulfillment, fame and steps forward to salvation.Tapohi paramam proktam Tapasa Vidhyate phalam/ Taporathahi nithya modat saha Daivataihi/ Tapasa prapte yashah Tapasa prapyate Kamasthapah Sarvardha sadhanam/ Tapasa mokshamapnothi Tapasa Vidhathe mahat /Jnana Vigyana sampathhihi sowbhagyam rupamevacha/ Nana vidhani vastuni tapasa labhate narah/  (Tapas or deep meditation yields several good results.Devas feel happy with those performing Tapas. Tapas yields fame, fulfillment of desires, knowledge, wisdom, prosperity, auspiciousness, attractive physical form and all kinds of things). Even Brahma Hatya or killing of Brahmanas, incest, and such other unpardonable evils would be washed off by the power of Tapas. Nobody including Tri Murthis are free from the penance as they are able to carry on their duties like creation by Brahma, Preservation by Lord Vishnu and Destruction by Rudra, let alone Nava Grahas ( Nine Planets), Dik Palakas or The Chiefs of the Eight Directions and Pancha Bhutas or Five Elements.

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