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Some Illustrious Devotees to Siva and Special Austerities in Worship

Among millions of Devotees to Bhagavan Siva, a few of them are illustrious like Durvasa, Viswamitra, Daddhichi, Gautama, Bhargava, Brihaspati, Vaishampayana, Parashar, Vyas, Upamanyu, Yagavalka, Jaimini and Garg. King Sudyumna’s experiene was indeed interesting as he became a woman since he entered a specific forest due to an embargo by Siva not to do so. When the King meditated intensely, Siva was pleased to lighten the curse and granted a boon that he would become a man every alternate month!

When asked by Devi Parvati as to which were the best dates that a devotee should observe austerities, Bhagavan Siva prescribed the following days viz. on the eighth day of every month when a day long fast could be ended by the same night; on the day of ‘Kalashtami’ however the fast should be on the day as well as night and be observed till the next morning; on the thirteenth day of the dark lunar month or the Krishna Trayodasi (especially during Magha Month) the fast should be on day/night basis, while Sukla Trayodasi fast be observed only day long. But on Sukla Ekadasi, fast should be observed on day-night basis and on Krishna Ekadasi fast may be upto the night. Fast be also observed every Monday till the night. On any of the Fast days, Siva Archana, Rudra Japa, Rudra Abhisheka and visit to Siva Temple are the best. The last few days of one’s life at Varanasi with austerities and Siva darshana/ worship do deserve salvation.

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