Bhagwan Shiv

Siva Purana Phalasruti

While concluding Siva Purana, Veda Vyasa affirmed that whoever reads or hears Siva Purana would indeed reap ample fruits. Whether it is an athiest or indolent, a stupid or egoistic, a non devotee or careless, any person reading or hearing even portions of the Purana rather casually would raise a flag of virtue.A non devotee would secure devotion and a devotee would obtain devotion in abundance. If a person reads or hears just once, the sins of long standing nature get burnt off instantly. 

On reading twice, the person becomes a staunch follower of Bhagavan Siva and reading thrice shall indeed reach the person to the abode of Siva.

Etachhiva Puranam hi Sivasyatipriyam param
/Bhukti mukti pradam Brahmasammitham Bhakti varadhanam/

                                                  OM NAMASSIVAYA

‘Nityam Swodara Poshanaya Sakalaanuddishya vitthaasaya /
vyartham paryatanam karomi bhavatassevaam na jane Vibho /
majjanmanthara punyapaakaphalathastvam Sarva! Sarvaantharas-
 tishthasyeva hi thena vaa Pasupathey! tey rakshaneeyosmyaham ’
                                                                       (Sivanandalahari Stanza 57 by Adi Shankara)

[I have contacted many and travelled a lot without aim just for filling my stomach and desirous of becoming prosperous. Little did I realise the significance of service to you, Oh Lord of all beings and all-pervasive! You do wipe away the sins of your devotees. May be, some good was done in my past birth that I feel confident as you are within all the beings and thus consider me too to be saved!

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