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The Mighty Power of Omkara and Panchakshari Mantras

Bhagavan Siva affirmed:
Omkaro mammukhajjaagney pradhamam matprabhodhakah /
Vachakoyamaham vaachyo mantroyam hi madaatmakah/
 tadananusmaranam nityam mamanusmaranam bhavet.
( The word Omkaram emerged from Me first; whoever recites this Mantra always is on My own track); ‘A’ kara uttarapurvam’ u’ karah  Paschima -ananat / ‘M’karo dakshina mukhaad bindhuh pranamukhastatha / nado madhya mukha devam panchadhasau vijrumbhitah /

  ( The letter ‘A’ represents My Northward Face, ‘U’ represents the Westward, ‘M’ stands for Southern Face, the ‘Bindu’ connecting the three words A-U-M is the Middle Faced Deva and the Fifth Face is over-awing.)  A Singular Deity is thus manifest as ‘Omikakshara’ or as Siva Sakti that is all-pervasive and omni-potent. Bhagavan Siva declared that continuous recitation of the Mantra Raja ‘OM’ summing up all the Vedas and Scriptures and representative of His Five Faces is a definite means of Happiness during one’s life time and Salvation thereafter. Omkara Mantra, thus originated from the root letters of Akara, Ukara, Makara, Bindu and Nada (Sound) or ‘Panchakshari’is the saviour Mantra gifted to Humanity which could be recited as Om Sivaya namaha or the Siva Panchakshari as the Deergha Mantra or Gross Mantra or simply as ‘Hrasva’ Mantra in the word OM. In any case, the Triumvirate viz. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesa are amply displayed in the three letters A, U and M and together with the fuller ‘Panchakshari’ the complete display of Bindu and Nada, the fuller demonstration of Siva Skati becomes prominent. Also, the Most Potent word of OM has to be certainly used before any recitation of Vedas or Mantras as an unavoidable Starter! By chanting Pranava Mantra nine crore times, it is said that one secures the power of controlling the ‘Pancha Bhutas’ or the Five elements of Nature and even breaks the basic eight bondages of life viz. the ‘Panchatanmatras’ (five sensory reactions of touch, smell, sound, taste and appearance) as also control Nature, Intelligence and Ego.

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