Bhagwan Shiv

Lord Sivas 'Ekadasa Rudra manifestations

 As Daithyas were constantly distressing Devas, the latter approached Sage Kashyap. The Sage too felt quite upset with the evil actions prepetrated by the Demons and desired to secure a lasting solution to punish the Demons. He executed a rigorous ‘Tapasya’ to the most merciful Shankara who appeared and rewarded with a windfall that soon the tribulations by Daityas would vanish as He would bless Devi Surabhi with Eleven Expressions as Eakadasa Rudras ( Eleven Rudras) to wipe out the Daithyas engaged in the tortures by the Demons. The Ekadasa Rudras were: Kapali, Pingal, Bheem, Virupaksha, Vilohit, Shastra, Ajapaada, Ahirbudhya, Shamshu, Chand and Bhava. A whole generation of Demons was indeed wiped out by the Grace of Maha Deva.

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