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Essence Of Raja Tarangini

Bhagvat Purana
Shankaracharya Hill, Kashmir

Kalhana’s Rajatarangini is a work relating the Parampara of kings that ruled Kashmir. It is written by Kalhana in the form of poems in eight chapters termed Tarangas (Waves) describing the lives and exploits of these kings and the conditions that prevailed in Kashmir during their times. This way it contributes to the study of history of that region during those times. This study is based upon the book written by M.A.Stein, who has translated this work in English from the Sanskrit original.

Essence of the SECOND BOOK
The beginning of the second Book is again an invocation to Shiva, Ardhanareesvara with His bow and with Ganapati
After Yudhishtira  I, Pratapaditya  I, a relative of  Vikramaditya takes over as the king. This Vikramaditya is different from the one who is known as sakari. After 32 years of reign, this Pratapaditya ascends to Heaven and is succeeded by Jalaukas. He is succeeded by his son Tunjina with his wife Vakpushta and he built a temple for Shiva , Tungesvara in a town called Katika.. In his time there was a kavi by name  Candaka, a descendant of Muni Dwaipayana (Vyasa). Once when there was a great famine in the country, Queen Vakpushta came to the country’s rescue and by her divine powers brought prosperity. And finally when king Tunjina passed away in due course, she entered fire and became a Sati. The place where she left her body is known to day  as Vakpushtidevi. At the Sattra established y her many  indigent people coming from all parts receive food. The Royal  couple were childless. K writes: The creator shows himself foremost of discerning judges, when HE EXERTS HIMSELF IN MAKING THE  SUGAR CANE ITSELF THE FRUIT. (ii. 60)- producing the effect of a fruit giving rich juice like nectar and that of the seed for propagation of the cane itself.
Vijaya who descended from another family became king and ruled for eight years. Then his son Jayendra ruled. He had as his minister a great sage  by name Samdhimati. He was a trusted adviser till he was removed  and thrown into prison by the king  yielding to palace gossip and was finally put to death by the king’s orders. But he was brought back to life by celestial damsels  and was anointed king  as Arya Raja by the Brahmanas, as Jayendra had passed away and there was no ruler, Jayendra having died issueless. Arya Raja took a vow to consecrate daily 1000 shivalingas He constructed a Shiva shrine at he smashana where his body was confined to fire  and called it Isesvara, after his Guru Isana. He went to Pagjyotishpura, whose  king was a descendent of Vishnu, and attended the swayamvara of  princess Amritaprabha and received the bridegroom’s garland. (ii. 148) and Varuna’s parasol, reserved only for Chakravartis. Arya raja had no liking to remain  in power as a king and called his subjects one day in an assembly and  delivered to them the government like a well guarded trust. (ii. 150) Then taking with him the linga in his worship, he set on foot towards the North. (ii. 161)
                                         Thus ends the second Taranga .

This essence of the Rajatarangini has been prepared by Sri. S. Chidambaresan, devotee of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam. The author can be contacted at

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