Essence Of
Varaha Purana


21    Manifestation of Rudra Deva and penance on Chaturdasis
Unable to commence the task of Creation at the beginning, Brahma got frustrated, angry and even failed to contol emotions by crying away, when a Powerful Manifestation of the Supreme Energy evolved as an incredible Illumination appearing gradually as a ‘Puran Purusha’ entreating Brahma not to cry; ‘Twam ma Rudd ! Hence the Maha Purusha was named ‘Rudra’. Brahma desired that Rudra should take up the task of Creation but the latter jumped into water to execute penance.He got disturbed by the ‘Yagna’being performed by Daksha Prajapati and was enraged as the flames from His mouth created
Ghosts and Goblins. He destroyed the Yagna but at the intervention of Brahma was cooled down; He was pleased when a major part of the fruits of the Yajna was offered to Him and as Devas eulogised Him as follows: ‘ We salute you Devadeva, Jatajutadhari, Blood red Trinetra; you are worshipped by Bhutas and Bethals sporting ferocious serpents all over your body, especially as your Yagnopateeth (Sacred Thread); Your visage is ferocious, Your laughter is frightening; You are Maha Bhutapathi, Kapardi, Sthanu, Pushna danta Vinasaya, Bhaga Netraya ; in future you are going to annihilate the most dreaded Tripura and Andhaka demons; We salute Kalisavasi, Gajacharma dhari, Vikaral Urdhvakeshava Bhairava, Fire like Bhayankar, Chandramastak dhari, destroyer of Daruvana, Trisuladhari, Wearer of Sarparaja Kankana, Neelakantha, Badavagni mukha, Vedantha Vedya, Yagna Murthi, Daksha Yagna Dhvamsi, Visweswara Deva, Siva, Shambhu, Bhava, Devadi Deva, Bestow to us the Secrets of Vedas and Shastras!’
Thereafter Brahma declared that worship of Rudra Deva on the ‘Chaturdasi Day’ of a month by sincere devotion and austerity would be blessed.

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