Essence Of
Varaha Purana


20    Dharma (Virtue), its profile over Yugas and worship on Trayodasis
As Paramatma set the process of Creation, He felt that there was need for forming an Entity to sustain Virtue and set off the forces of the Evil and instantly, there appeared a Bull-shaped ‘Purush’from the right ear of Almighty with white ear-rings and white garland and the latter asked to maintain and promote Virtue, Justice, Penance, Purity and Charity. The Dharma Purush so manifested by the Almighty as a Bull would have four legs in Satya Yuga, three legs in Treta Yuga, two legs in Dvatar Yuga and with just one leg in Kali Yuga. The four legs of Dharma Purush are ‘Dravya’ (Prosperity), ‘Guna’
(Characteristic), ‘Kriya’ (Industriousness / Sincerity) and ‘Jaathi’ (Caste).The mix of these four ingredients of Dharma’s feet denotes the strength of these legs Yuga after Yuga. In fact, Brahma was impressed by the way that Dharma Purush solved a controversy raised by Moon God in enticing Devi Tara the wife of Brihaspati (the Deva Guru was a mother figure to Moon as well as all Devas! [There was an impending war between Devas and Demons since Sage Sukracharya the Guru of Demons sought revenge against Brihaspati and thus espoused the cause of Moon by assuring the help of Demons to wage a war. Dharma Purush used his good offices among Moon / Devi Tara, Sukracharya and Demons on one side and Brihaspati, Indra and Devas on the other. The delicate issue was settled by restoring Devi Tara back to Brihaspathi’s residence, even though Tara was carrying a child of Moon and thus averted Deva-Danava war!] Lord Brahma who flew down to Swarga Loka from Satya loka by his Swan chariot, complimented Dharma Purush and commended that from then onward human beings should observe ‘Trayodasi’ Day, perform Shraddh and offer ‘Ksheer’ (Sweet Milk and cooked Rice) to fore fathers to ensure that their past sins are demolished and longevity and well-being assured.

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