Essence Of
Varaha Purana


19    Adoration to Bhagavan Vishnu on Dwadasi Day destroys sins
Super Power Paratpar Narayan was concerned that to facilitate the process of Creation there ought to be a personified Primary Murthi who should also look after the administration of the Universe and thus manifested Himself as Vishnu. He entrusted the tasks to Goddess Yoga Nidra for the time being and fell into meditative sleep Himself when a lotus sprouted from His navel on top of which sat Lord Brahma who would now on assume the duty of Creation. The Supreme Narayan was happy with these develop- ments and blessed Vishnu to oversee Creation by Brahma and be responsible for the upkeep of the Universe by himself. Almighty Narayan then fortified with Vishnu with several powers in various forms; He blessed Vishnu to dispel all kinds of ignorance all over the Universe with a Sword gifted by Almighty; He gifted a Kaal Chakra or the Sudarshan Wheel to terminate all the Evil Forces sprouting their heads from time to time; He desired that the sins of the Worlds be destroyed by a mace provided to Vishnu; He also strengthened one of the hands by the energy of Vayu- the Wind God- by a conchsell as also decorated by a Vyjayanti mala. Almighty Narayan instructed Sun and Moon to decorate Vishnu’s figure in the forms of Srivatsa and Kaustubh and redouble the Power of Vishnu. Almighty further coached Garuda as Vishnu’s Carrier and Goddess Lakshmi as His Consort. Thus Supreme Narayana strengthened Lord Vishnu physically, mentally and spiritually as the Personification of Himself to assume the tasks ahead. He also made an arrangement that from then on, Vishnu’s worship all over the Three Worlds would be observed on Dwadasis during every month and those human beings-be they men or women- who keep fast till the dusk while reciting ‘Vishnu Stotras’and eat ‘Ghrita-pura Bhojan’ or meals with Ghee (Classified butter) are destined to reach Heavens after death and enjoy peaceful and contented life therebefore! Those who read or hear about Vaishnavi Srishti or Vishnu’s Glories should qualify themselves for better times ahead.

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