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Varaha Purana


22    Reverence to Pitras on ‘Amavasya’ day and benefits
As Lord Brahma was engaged in the serious task of Creation, He became aware of ‘Tanmatras’ or the subtle forms of matter viz. interaction of the Three ‘Gunas’ or characteristics viz. Satvik, Rajasik and Tamasik as also ‘Panchendriyas’, ‘Jnanendriyas’ and ‘Karmendriyas’. The Tanmatras displayed themselves in ‘Dhumra Varna’or ash colour and evinced interest to reach Heavens. But Brahma convinced them that the entire community of Tanmatras belonged to the Pitras and whatever veneration was provided by ‘Grihasthies’ (householders) would belong to Tanmatras too. For instance, Brahmanas execute reverences to Pitras through ‘Agni’by way of ‘Nitya’ (regular), ‘Naimittika’ (as per needs of functions to be prformed) and ‘Kamya’ (as per desires of the householders) or Parvana Shraddhas; similarly Kshatriyas and Vaisyas too perform ‘Agni Karyas’ or reverences to Pitras through Fire-oriented tasks. Likewise ‘tarpans’or libations are performed periodically. In all these cases whatever benefits would accrue to Pitras would be accumulated toTanmatras also. Brahma thus indicated ‘Dakshinayan’ route to Pitras as also to Tanmatras. Moreso, He designated ‘Amavasya’ as the most important day for worship to ‘Pitras’ and Tanmatras as well. Human beings perform Tarpanas along with ‘Kusha’ and ‘Tilas’on Amavasyas falling in each month which would indeed provide contenment to Pitras as well as Tanmatras. Thus Amavasya is required to be the special day when fast is observed and ‘tildaan’ is performed without fail, and that would not only give satifaction to Pitras but the Kartas or the Performing Devotees who are provided ‘Iham’or during the current birth of prosperity, peace, health and longevity but also ‘Param’ or post life. (Details of Amavasya Tarpana given elsewhere in this Write-up)

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