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Vamana Purana


10    Parvati weds Shiva, Devi Kaali’s Tapasya led to Gauri Swarupa and birth of Ganesha
Himavan and Devi Mena begot three daughters viz. Ragini with red eyes, red complexion and red vastraas too, Kutila who was of medium complexion and bright and the youngest was Kaali of deep blue complexion, blue eyes and most beautiful. Even at the age of eight, the three maidens took to Tapasya and Devas took them one by one to Brahma starting from the middle one Kutila; they asked Brahma whether she would be able to beget a son who could kill Mahishasura! Brahma replied: She might not be able to withstand the brilliance of Mahadeva, leave her! But she replied that she had the ability to win over by the severity of her Tapasya even Janardana and even severe Maha Deva’s head! Brahma got furious by her impetuous nature and tuned her into a water flow which joined the forceful rivers of Brahmaloka. After some time, Devas took away Ragini the eldest daughter of Himavan and Mena and made her face Brahma; when Devas asked the same question to her and she too gave a brash reply that for sure she could beget a son who could kill Mahishasura in an angry and provocative tone and Brahma was upset that she had the audacity of talking to Devas like that and punished her to become Sandhya waiting for the arrival of Krittika yoga. As this happened twice before, Devi Mena prevented the third daughter Kaali to perfom Tapaswya further! She named her UMA( ‘U’ for This or Tapasya and ‘Ma’ or do not do; thereby meaning ‘Do not do this Tapasya’). But as time passed, Uma got intensely devoted to Shankara and ignored her mother’s warning and resumed severe Tapasya. Understandably, Brahma asked Indra and Devas to bring Kaali but the radiance and heat of her Tapasya was such that Indra could not reach anywhere near her and accordingly reported this to Brahma who understood that this was the one who was indeed worthy of marrying Parama Shiva who could not only demolish Mahishasura but als beget a son that could annihilate Tarakasura! Thus Brahma was satisfied and stopped searching further for Kanyaas! Meanwhile Himavanta brought Kaali home from further Tapasya and Maha Deva coincidentally took up to a severe RoudraVrata called Niraashraya roaming from forest to forest and mountain to mountain. During these wanderings, Himananta invited Shiva to settle on Himalaya to perform the Vrata without hindrance and the latter agreed to do so. Uma Devi happened to see Maha Deva in the course of the Vrata and so did Maha Deva noticed her for a second as he was instantly reminded of Sati Devi his earlier wife but slipped back to his concentration again. As Uma’s Sahachaari friends knew of her intense liking for Maha Deva gifted her an Earthern Idol of his and having accepted the Murti commenced worshipping it with flowers and incense. One day suddenly a Vatu / Brahmachari with danda, yagnopaveeta, chhatra (umbrella), Kamandalu and ash ridden body entered Uma’s Ashrama and introduced himself that he was a resident of Varanasi and was travelling from Tirthas like Prayaga, Kubjaagra, Jayanta, Chandikeshwara, Bandhuvrinda, Kanakhala Tirtha, Saraswati, Agnikunda, Bhadra, Trivishthapa etc. He asked Uma as to why in this youthful stage was in the form of an ascetic! Then Uma’s Sahacharini called Somaprabha replied that Uma decided to devotion to Maha Deva and would like to wed him. The Vatu expressed surprise as to who gave her this strange idea to her! He was a frightening mendicant always surrounded by goblins and piscachas with beard and dishevelled hair sporting snakes arould his neck and shoulders where as she was an extremely pretty girl of charm whom esteemed Devatas would like to marry. Devi Uma intervened and said ‘ don’t you say that again Bhikshu! Shiva is ‘Sarvagunaadhika’; Shivo vyaapyathavaa Bheemah Sadhano nirdhanopivaa, Alankruto vaa Deveyshaastathaa vaapyanalankrutah/ Yaadrushastaadrusho vaapi sa mey naatho bhavishyati, Nivaaryataamayam Bhishurvivakshuh sphritaadharah, Na tathaa nindakah Paapi yathaashrunavan Shashi Prabhey/( Whether He was rich or poor, ugly or unornamented, the Bhikshu should know that Shiva was my Swami; Sashi Prabha! Do not encourage this Bhikshu, lest he would blabber something else; a person who blamed thoughtlessly about others would continue to argue in circles; so throw him out!) Then Parama Shiva appeared before Parvati in his real Swarupa and said: Dear Parvati! You may now go back to your home; I shall depute Maharshis to your Father’s house; since you have commended this form of mine now would be known to posterity as Bhadreshwara and Deva, Danava, Yaksha, Kinnara, Uraga and Manavaas would worship me in this very Rupa of Bhadreswara. Then the Saptarshis viz. Kashyapa, Atri, Bharadwaaja, Vasishtha, Goutama, Angira and Vishwamitra were summoned and recalled about the past incident of Sati and said that Parvata Putri Parvati had returned again and they should request Himavaan to agree for the alliance. The Saptarshis accompanied by Arundhati reached Himavaan’s residence, even as the Co-Mountains, Gandharvaas, Kinnaraas, Yakshaas, and other illustrious guests were already in position there. Himavaan welcomed the Saptarishis most humbly and the Spokesman Angira said: Shruyataam Parvata Sreshtha yena Kaaryena vai vayam, Samaagataastwatsadana marundhatyaa samam Girey/ Yosow Mahatmaa Sarvaatmaa Dakshayagna ksayankarah, Shankarah Shuladhruk Sharvastrinetro Vrusha vaahanah/ Jeemutaketuh Shatrughno Yagna bhoktaa Swayam Prabhuh, Yameeshwaram Maheshaanam Mahadevam Pashih Patim, Vayam teyna proshitaah smastwatsakaasham Girishwara/ Iyam yaa twatsutaa Kaali Sarvalokeshu Sundari, Taam praarthayati Deveyshastaam Bhavaan daatumarhati/ Sa eva dhanyo hi Pitaayasya putri Shubham Patim,Rupaabhijana sampatya prapnoti Girisattama/ Yaavanto Jangamaamyaa Bhutaah Shaila Chaturvidhaah, Teshaam Maataa twiyam Devi proktah Pitaa Harah! ( Parvata Raja! We along with Arundhati have arrived here is to convey to you that Mahatma Sarvatma who was Daksha Yagna’s destroyer, Shula dhaari, Sharva, Trinetra, Vrusha Vahana, Jeemutaketu, Shatrughna, Yagna bhokta, Swayamrabhu Shankara Ishrara who was also called by some as Shiva,Sthaanu, Bhava, Hara, Bhima, Ugra, Maheshaana, Maha Deva and Pashupati had asked us to request you to propose him as his husband to Devi Kaali as his Dharma Patni; the father of this Rupavaan, Nishkalanka and Kuleena Kumari would indeed be happy to the mother of the Charaachara Beings since Shankara was their father). Devi Kaali blushed as Angira Maharshi completed his statement. Himavan sought the endorsement of his wife Devi Menaka and the clearance of his co-Mountains as they were all his close relatives and confirmed the acceptance of the Sacred Alliance. The Day of wedding arrived and the ‘Who is Who’ of the Invitees were in position at the Holy Platform of the Univere’s Supreme got ready too with Maharshis awaiting the arrival of the bride groom’s party. Deva Maata Aditi, Surabhi, Surasa and other eminent ladies decorated Maha Deva, with a Mundamaala around his neck, tiger skin around hiswaist, Kaala Sarpa Kundalaas as his Ear-rings, Maha Sarpras with shining Manis on their hoods as his Kankanaas or wrist-ornaments, shoulder ornaments, neatly dressed up Jataajuta on his head along with half-moon and Ganga, Gorochana Tilaka on the forehead and Trishula in his right hand. He was seated in the Vrishabha as accompanied with his Pramatha Ganaas. As the Party moved on, Vishnu and Lakshmi too moved on by Garuda, Brahma and Saraswati on the Swan Chariot, Indra and Sachi Devi on Iravata Elephant, other Devas on their respective Vaahanaas and spouses, the Six Rithus (Seasons), Tumbura and other Gandharvas were singing, Kinnaras were playing musical instruments and Apsaraas were in ecstatic dances; Ekadasha Rudras, Ashtaavasus, Twelve Adityas, Sixty six Ganas, twentyfour Urthwa-reta Rishis, Yakshas, Rakashasaas and Piscachas were all excited awaiting the momentous Muhurta. Himavaan welcomed the bride groom and his Party most respectfully and made them seated comfortably. As the bride arrived, the Maharshis commenced the formal procedures with Vedic Mantras and at the most auspicious Muhurta, Himavan announced: Matputreem Bhagavan! Kaalim Poutreem Pulahaagajey, Pitrunaamapi Dauhitreem Prateecchemaam mahodyataam/ ( I am hereby parting Devi Kaali, the grand daughter of Pulaha and my daughter in wedding; Kindly accept. Parama Shiva replied: Na mesti Maataa na Pitha tathaiva, Na Jnaato vaapi cha Bandhavaascha/ Niraashroham Giri shring vaasi, Sutaam prateecchaami tavaadri Raja! (I neither have a mother or father and not even relatives; as I a have no home, I shall keep her on the Mount of Kailasha Mount and agreeher as my wife). Brahma then asked Devi Kaali to accompany Shiva to perform three Pradakshinaas around the Agni Kunda and the guests were treated with excellent bhojan and gifts before departing after the festivities. Parvati’s Tapasya led to reappearance as Gauri: After the Sacred Wedding, Shankara and Parvati moved around freely in enjoyment and asked Vishwakarma to build a glorious home for them, performed Yagna worthy of Grihastaashrama and the couple were nicely settled down. One day out of fun, Parama Shiva addressed Devi Parvati as Kaali or of dark complexion. She felt that his fun was unbearable and left for serious Tapasya to Brahma deva and secured golden complexion. As she discarded her earlier Form, Indra requested her to give away the earlier Form to him and since she was materialised from Krishna Kosha or of deep blue nature, she was named as Katyayani;, she was also called as Koushiki since she was materialised from Brahma kosha and since Indra called her as his sister, Indra too was known as Koushika. Indra then asked Katyayani /Koushiki to reach Vindhya Parvata and thus she became Vindhyavasini and Indra gifted a Lion as her Vahana /Carrier. After this incident, Devi Uma who discarded her earlier Rupa now replaced with Suvarna Rupa and identified herself as Gouri. Maha Deva was too pleased and both the couple spent some thousand years in Garhastya all by themselves ignoring the out side contacts, which had terribly distressed Devatas and the entire Universe was upset too. Indra and Devatas were concerned about fresh threats of Indratwa as there were forebodings to that effect and approached Brahma who wished that Mahadeva’s continued immersion in the stage of ‘Manmoha’for Gauri would contitinue before Daityas would gain strength; this concern got Indra and Devas worried and tried to somehow manage an entry to Shiva’s abode but found that sneaking into the adode would not be possible as Maha Nandi was holding the security. Even while Indra and Devatas were waiting outside the Abode, Agni took the form of a Swan and sneaked in and having assumed a Sukshma Rupa conveyed to Parama Shiva that Indra and Devas were waiting outside to desperately meet him. Maha Deva stepped out and let Indra and Devas come inside. Indra had respectfully entreated to terminate the period of enjoymernt so that he could very kindly concentrate on many tasks pending. As Maha Deva agreed to do so, Indra and Devas returned to Swarga and he narrated the incident to Parvati and the latter got furious that the disturbance caused by Indra and Devas was indeed frustrating and cursed Indra and others that since they did not allow to let her bear a child at the nick of time, they too would become childless! Ganeshotpanna: In that angry and vexatious mood, Gauri entered the Snaana shaala and asked her maid Malini to massage her body and as the maid applied flavoured milk cream the sweat of her angry body; when massaged Gauri’s body collected body dirt and made a figure viz. Ganesha with four hands, broad chest and handsome and later on resumed her bath and left later to Puja Mandir to worship Maha Deva. Thereafter, Parama Shiva entered the same Abhyagana Griha (bath room), and noticed the Ganesha Pratima apparently made by Parvati’s body dirt during her Abhyangana. Maha Deva added his body dirt too to the Pratima and made an addition of an elephant trunk to the Murti which as he took his Snaana got washed his own sweat, bhasma and sacred water. The Pratima came alive as the combined body dirt, sugandhas and water and Shiva told Parvati that he was their own son! Gauri was surprised to see their child with an elephant face and excellent features and embraced him: Yattadangamalaadwiyam krutam Gajamukham Naram, Tatah preetaa Girisutaa tam putram parishashvajey/ Murdhina chaina –mapura -aghnaaya tatah Sarvobraveedumaam, Naayakena vinaa Devi tava Bhutopi Purtakah/ Yasmaajjatastato naamnaa bhavishyati Vinaayakah, Yesha vighna sahasraani Suraadeenaam harishyati/ Pujayishyanti chaivaasya lokaa Devi charaacharaah, Ityava muktatwaa Devaastu Dattavaamstanayaaya hi/ Sahaayantu Gana Sreshthamnaamnaa khyaatam Ghatodaram, Tathaa Matruganaa ghoraa bhutaa Vighna karaaschaye/Tey Sarvey Paramoshena Devyaah preetyopa- paadinah, Devi cha Sasutam drustwaa paraam mumadavaapacha/ ( Maha Deva asked Shailaja Devi to find her own son and the latter embraced him who was materialised by the body dirts of hers and his as the child was a charming boy with an elephant face; Shiva said that the child was born without any ‘Nayaka’ and thus would be called Vinayaka, who could forestall thousands of Vighnaas of Devas. The entire Universe would worship Ganesha said Parvati who created Ghatodara Ganaas to assist him as also Matru Ganaas and Vighna Bhutaas to destroy who did not worship him. Devi Parvati felt exremely happy and contented with the arrival of Ganeswara!

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