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Vamana Purana


11    Katyayani destroys Chanda-Munda, Raktabeeja, and Shumbha-Nishumbha
Among Kashyapa Muni’s wives was Devi Danu from whom were born innumerable Danavas among whom Namuchi, Shumbha-Nikumbha brothers, Dhumralochana, Chand Munda brothers and so on. Namuchi the younger brother of Shumbha-Nishumbha could not face Indra Deva and entered Surya’s chariot and sought to take it down to Patala but on Indra’s promise that the latter would not hurt by the Danava’s Astra - Shastra, he jumped out of Surya’s chariot. On way to Patala, Namcuchi bathed in the Samudra and gleefully said to himself that after all, the foam of Samudra would not hurt him and played with it, but cleverly enough Indra hid in the foam and killed the Danava. On coming to know of this, the elder brothers of Namuchi viz. Shumbh Nishumbha went wild and having taken a large army defeated Devas and Indra and threw them out of Swarga, besides forcefully took away Indra’s Vahana Iravata Elephant, Buffalo of Yama, Varuna’s glittering Umbrella, Vayu’s Mace and Shankha. On Earth, the Danava brothers met Daitya brothers viz. Raktabija the Minister of Mahashasura. The latter told the Danavas that two other Ministers of Mahishaasura named Chanda and Munda were hiding under water as Vindhya -Vasini Koushiki exterminated Mahishasura. As Raktabija gave an assurance about the prowess of his new friends Shumbha and Nishumbha who defeated Indra and Devas, the hiding Chanda and Munda came out of water and decided to face Koushiki Devi with the help of Shumbha and Nishumbha. The latter sent an emissary named Sugriva on behalf of Shumbha and Nishumbha brothers to Devi Koushiki and praised about the two brothers as the Swamis of Three Lokas and either of them, would be worthy of wedding her. Devi replied smilingly and said : Kintu twasi durvineeyataaya hriday mey manmorathsah, Yo maam Vijayatey yuddhey sas bhartaa syan mahaasura/ (Who ever seeks my hand in marriage would have to defeat me). This reply enraged the Shumbha-Nishumbhas and deputed Dhumraaksha with six hundred Akshouhinis of army which went up Vindhyaparvata. [ Each Akshouhini comprises 109350 Foot-Soldiers, 65510 horsemen, 21870 charioteers and 21870 Elephant Riders] On approaching Devi, Dhumraaksha misbehaved with her with offensive threats as surrounded with his army came running to her with his mace, then Devi made a ‘Humkaar’sound and by her fiery looks burnt off the army like dry firewood turned into ash when the surrounding regions went into frightened ‘Hahaakaars’ and the resoundings of the huge sound of the hunkaars were heard by Shumbha and Nikumbhas too! As this initial debacle took place, the Daitya brothers despatched Chanda-Munda brothers as also their own strongman Ruru with fresh consignment of Akshouhinis. As soon the Senas moved near the Place, Devi’s Vaahana a ferocious Lion leapt out of the mountain cave and attacked the army with multitude of elephants, horses, chariots and soldiers and slaughtered them helter-skelter as mammoth masses of dead beings and over-flowings of blood rivers got collected and the survivors fled away to the refuge of the Asura Chiefs who were exasperated with rage; as they advanced towards Ambika Devi with garlands of skulls, since she represented Kaushiki who was sitting inside the Mountain Cave, frowned her and three distinct lines of her forehead and the resultant Devi Kaali displayed such sweltering balls of Agni and in quick succession threw smashing torrents of rain of Astraas of Ankushas, Mudgars, Dhanush and Yantras as a full display of Mrityu Devata! Koushiki Devi then asked Devi Ambika to bring the Danava Brothers Chanda and Munda who fled and disappeared in the sky and the latter sitting on her donkey chased them and instructed Garuda Deva to discover the Danavas on the run and the Giant Bird enlarged his body and caught the brothers by their necks and brought them before the Devi who sliced their necks and hung their heads with blood as her ornaments! Undaunted by the total destruction of Chanda-Munda Danavas, Shumbha-Nikumbhas despatched Raktabeeja along with thirty Akshouhinis of army as Chandika flew by a Vimana, as Braahmani was materialised as Hamsa Vahini from Devi Koushiki’s Akshamala and Kamandulu, Vrishabhaarudhini Maaheswari from her bangles and earrings, Mayura Vahini Kaumari from her neck, Garuda Vahini Vaishnavi from her shoulders, Sesha Naaga Sthita Vaarahi from her back, Gajaraja Vahini Maahendri from her breasts and Sharp nailed Naarasimhi from her heart. Raktabeeja entered the Matru Shaktis and instantly he was killed, but there was a surprise as each drop of his blood created another Raktabeeja and the Raktabeejas so materialised and killed multiplied further Raktabeejas! Devi Kaushiki asked Ambika to magnify her face and strech her tongue as one lip of her mouth was raised sky high and the lower lip down to earth and the blood spills of millions of Raktabeejaas got dried up at once and besides the original specimen the entire army was annihilated too. Even as the greatest support of Kumbha-Nishumbha viz. Raktabeeja was terminated, the desperate Asuras were still proud and bragged to Devas that their might was supreme and invincible and finally at the close of their one-to-one fight, they would most certainly make the Kaushiki Devi crawl on ground and beg us to marry both of them since she asserted that she would marry either of the survivors! Soon on shouting like that, Nisumbha sprang up from his feet and jumped at her with sharp swords drawn. Devi Kaushiki smiled and used six of her ‘Mayuri Pankhayuta baanaas’ or peacock feathered arrows and smashed their swords; as they lifted their maces, Devi sliced off the strong hands and shoulders of the Daitya. Even as Marikaas and the entire Devas shouted big screams of Victory and showered mild and fragrant flowers as there were overjoyed, Shumbha jumped up on his elephant with nervousness and fright besides anger along with his ‘paasha’, Devi lifted Artha Chandraakara Baanaas or half-moon shaped arrows and in a sportful manner smashed the ‘Kumbhasthala’ of the elephant with one arrow and another with the proud, vainglorious and swollen head of Shumbha.

At the extermination all the enemies by Devi Katyayani, Devas led by Indra had no bounds of joy and with suppressed feelings of elation at the restoration of their lost glory, broke out with spontaneous their sincere commendation as follows: Namastestutey Bhagavati Paapanaashini Namastestu tey Suraripudarpa shaantani, Namastestutey Harihara Rajyadaayani Namastestutey Makhabhuja karyakaarini/ Namastestutey Trisasharipukhayankari Namastestu tey Shatamakha paada pujitey, Namastestutey Mahishavinaasha kaarini Namostutey Harihara Bhaskara dyutey/ Namostu teshtaadasha baahu shaalini Namostutey Shumbha Nishumbha ghaatini, Namostu Lokaartiharey Trishulini Namostu Naraayaneeya Chakradhaarini/ Namostu Vaaraahi sadaa Dharaadharey twaam Naaraarasimhi pranataa Namostutey, Namostutey Vajradharey Vajradharey Gajadhwajey Namostu Kaumaari Mayura Vaahini/ Namostu Paitaamaha Hamsa Vaahaney Namostu Maalaa vikatey Sukeshini, Namostutey Raasabhaprishta Vaahini Namostu Sarvaarti harey Jaganmaye/ Namostu Vishweswari Paahi Vashyam Nishudayaarina Dwija Devataanaam, Namostutey Sarwamayi Trinetrey Namo Namastey Varadey praseeda/ Brahmaani twam Mrudaani Varashikhi gamanaa Vaishnavi twam Sashaangkaam, Duyrdrushyaa Naarasimhi Ghura ghurita ravaa Twam Tayendri sa Vajraa Twam maari Charmamundaa Shaavagamanarataa Yogini Yoga Siddhaa/ Namastey Trinetrey Bhagavaiti tawa charanaanu – shitaa ye Aharaharnata shirasovanataah/ Nahi Nahi Paribhavamastyashubham cha Stutibali kusuma karaah satatam ye/ Yadi Varadaa Bavati Tridashaanaam Dwija Shishu Goshu Yataswa Hitaaya, Punarapi Devaripunaparaastwam Pradah Hutaashana tulya sharirey/ (Our humble salutations to you Bagavat, Extinguisher of Sins, the destroyer of the envy and enemity of Devas, the bestower of glory to Vishnu and Shankara; the benefactor of Devas by distributing their shares of Yajna phalaas, the terminator of the foes of Devas, she whose sacred feet are ever worshipped by Indra, the exterminator of Mahishasura, She who is always implored by Vishnu, Shiva and Surya; she who is decorated by Eighteen Holy Hands; the chopper of Shumbha and Nishubha’s heads; The eliminator of the sorrows of the entire Universe: Chakra dharini Narayani; Vaaraahi; The Unique Holder of Bhumi; Naarasimhi, Gajadhwaji, Kaumari, Mayura Vahini, Hamsa Vaahini, She the wearer of the frightening garlands of skulls; wearer of charming hair style; the seater on the back of a donkey! The destroyer of all kinds of problems and hardships; Jagnamayi,Vishweshwari, Vishwa akshaakari; Brahmana Deva Shatru Samhaarini; Trinetri! Sarvamayi, Varadaayini; Brahmaani, Mridaani, Vara Shikhigamamna, Shakti Hasta, Kumari! Vaaraahi, Garuda Vahini, Shaaranga Dhanusha dhaarini, Vaishnavi, Naarasimhi, Ghurghura Shabda Kaarini, Aindri, Mahamari Chamunda, Shava viharini, Charma Munda, Siddha Ygini, Trinetri, Bhagavati! Who so ever takes refuge in you with devotion and dedication withb heads down and flowers in hands would never ever be let down but would most certainly be sucessful and victorious with happiness and contenment!)

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