Essence Of
Brahma Purana


5    Satyavrata and Trishanku Swarga-Harischandra and Sagara:

Purukutsa’s fourth generation King Tridhanva had a son Satyavrata as who as a Prince took away a commoner’s bride from the ‘Vivaha Mandala’ (wedding place) by force and as per the advice of the Raja Guru Vasishtha, the Prince was socially ostracised; he lived in the outskirts of the City in the company of Chandala. But he saved Vishwamitra’s wife and family from hunger. In gratitude the Sage on return from Tapasya kept the boy in his house and the King died, Satyavrata became the King with Vishwamitra as the Raja Guru. When Vishwamitra asked the new King for a boon, Satyavrata desired to enter Swarga with his own human body. Vishwamitra sacrificed a part of the fruits of his Tapasya and despatched him with his mortal self to Swarga. As Swarga did not allow his entry, the Sage as a prestige issue sacrificed considerable fruits of his Tapasya and created the Trishanku Swarga. Vasishta said that Satyavrata made three grave sins: firstly he as a Prince whose task was to enforce Justice and Virtue had erred by kidnapping a bride, secondly he stole a Sacrificial cow of Vasishta from one Yagna, killed and ate its meat and served it to an unsuspecting wife and children and finally tried to reach Swarga albeit by Vishwamitra’s courtesy. Satyavrata’s son was Harischandra, who was a standing example of Truth and Virtue, harassed by Vishwamitra to such an extent of selling himself, his wife and the resultant death and return to life of their son Rohita. It was in the lineage were born Harischandra, Rohita and Ruru whose grandson was Sagara.

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