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Brahma Purana


6    Sagara and descendant Bhageeratha:

Sagara born with poison ( Sa+Gara); King Baahu was a victim of bad habits and King Haihaya occupied the throne of the former and Baahu and his wife Yadavi left for forest life. Baahu died even as Yadavi was carrying a child and prepared for ‘Sahagaman’or suicide by jumping into the pyre / fire of the husband’s dead body; but Yadavi was already poisoned by Baahu’s second wife. Ourva Muni of Bhrugu Vamsha prevented the Sahagamana and rescued her into his ‘Ashram’. It was in the Ashram that Yadavi gave birth to Sagara.The latter was brought up by the Muni, taught him Vedas and Shastras, trained him in military skills and blessed him with ‘Agneyastra’ (The Mantrik arrow of Fire). The accomplished Sagara defeated Haihayas, as also other opponent enemies like Shakaas, Yavanaas, Kambojaas, Paaradas and Pahlava ganas; not only he regained his throne but annexed the Kingdoms of the enemies as well.He performed Ashvamedha Yagna to celebrate his victories and deputed his sons who were sixty thousand strong along with the horse ( Maharshi Ourva offered two options to the two wives of Sagara viz. Keshini and Mahati , one with a fruit with sixty thousand seeds and another with just one seed- one full of warriors and another as a Ruler; the one who accepted the big number was given a pot full of embriyos and the other had normal delivery). On way the sacrificial horse was lost; Sagara’s sons dug up the sea suspecting that the animal was hidden under the Sea and thus the epithet of Samudra as ‘Sagara’.The sons discovered Maharshi Kapila and as the sons harassed the Maharshi, they were all burnt off as ashes instantly excepting four.The elder son Amshuman gave birth to Dilip and the latter was blessed with Bhagiratha who made an all-out effort to bring Ganga River from Swarga to Bharat and the place where the ashes were lying so that the souls of his fore-fathers were redeemed; in this exercise Bhagirath went through such insurmountable obstacles at each step of his Tapasya to gain the confidence of Ganesha, Vishnu, Shiva and Devi Ganga herself! Since Bhagirath was wholly instrumental in this most distinguishing Act Ganga Devi was also known as Bhagirathi. The lineage of Bhagirath included Shruta, Naabhaga, and Ambarisha; thereafter there was a long lineage till Dulip, Raghu, Aja, Dasharatha, Shri Rama Chandra the Epic Hero who firmly stood tall in reference to the immortal Ramayana, his valiant son Kusha and so on. Such was the most glorious chapter of Surya Vamsha and Ikshwaku Vamsha which dominated the Global Scene in the History of Mankind through the two significant Satya and Treta Yugas!

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