Essence Of
Brahma Purana


4    The illustrious Kuvalaashva became Dundhumaara:

Among the hundred sons of Ikshvasu, Vikukshi or Shashaad was famous; Vikukhis progeny were Yavanaashwa- then Shravasta-Brihadashwa and Kuvalaakshva. Dundhu was the most notorius Daitya of the times and Kuvalaakshva was the mighty opponent. The latter accompanied by his hundred strong sons and Maharshi Uttanka challenged Dundhu. The saviour of the Universe Vishnu entered the body of Kuvalaashva, even as there was a celestial Voice from the Skies saying that no doubt the demon Dundbhu was difficult to destroy but Kuvalaashva would certainly be killed. Since the demon had the boon of invincibility, Kuvalaashya asked his sons to dig up sea beds deep into drenches  on the shores and having encircled the sea from sides attacked the demon to push him out from the water; thus exposed the water-resident Dundhu was pulled out and killed. Mahatma Uttanka blessed Kuvalaashva for the courage and war-tactics adopted by him and gave him the boons of glory, prosperity and Swarga prapti to his deceased sons in the battle. In the era of Kuvalaashva, his Administration was unprecedented as the Subjects were contented fully as social evils were few and far between and Dharma and Nyaya prevailed in full swing. It was in his lineage of progeny were born the stalwart Sovereigns like Yavanaashva-Mandhata, his sons Purukutsa, and Muchukunda.

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