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Shri Durga Sapta Shloki

   Om Jnaaninaamapi chetaamsi Devi Bhagavati hi sa,
                          Baladaakrushya mohaaya Maha Maya prayacchati/
                          (Bhagavati Maha Maya! You pull the minds of even
                          ‘Gyaanis’ with force towards obsession!)

                          Om Durgey smritaa harasi bheeti masesha jantoh,
                          Swasthaih smritaa mati mateeva shubhaam dadaasi/
                          (Devi Durga! A mere thought of Yours demolishes fright
                          among ‘Praanis’ or Beings, while You provide auspiciousness
                          in response to the meditation by sensible humans)
                          Daaridra duhkha bhaya haarini ka twadanya,
                          Sarvopakaara karanaaya sadaardra Chitta/
                          (Who else is there but You that is readily prepared with
                          extreme benevolence to ward off our sorrows, fears and adversities?)

                          Om Sarva Mangala Maangalyey Shivey sarvaartha saadhakey,
                          Sharanyey Thriabikey Devi! Narayani Namostuthey/
                          (Devi! Narayani! You are the embodiment and Provider of
                          Auspiciousness to one and all; You are Shiva Swarupa or the
                          Form of Propitiousness fulfilling all our wishes; You are Traimbika
                          or the composite personification of Lakshmi, Saraswati and Parvati;
                          We seek shelter from You, as we bend down and greet!                 
                          Om Sharanaagata deenaarta paritraana parayaney,
                          Sarvasyaarti harey Devi! Narayani Namostutey/
                          (Our greetings to You Narayani! Devi! We seek refuge and safety
                          from You as we are helpless and harassed).

                          Om Sarva Swarupey Sarvesey Sarva Shakti samanvitey,
                          Bhayebhyastraahino Devi! Durga Devi Namostutey/
                          (Devi! You are the all-comprehensive Form, the Supreme Sovereign,
                          and the all- Powerful; kindly shield us from diverse types of fears and
                          apprehensions; our earnest salutations to You, Durga Devi!)

                          Om rogaanaseshaa napahamsi Tushtaa,
                          Rushtaa tu kaamaan sakasaa nabhishtaan/
                          (As You assume compassion, all our diseases disappear; but if indignant,
                          all our wishes get to nought)

                         Twam ashritaanaam na vipannaraanaam,
                         Twam ashritaa hyashrayataam prayaanti /
                         (Those who have already taken asylum from You would never face
                         difficulties any way; on the other hand, such persons saved by You
                         could as well provide protection to others too in their turn!)

                         Om Sarva baadhaa prashamanam Thrailokya syaakhileswari,
                         Evameva twayaa kaarya masadvairi vinaashanam/
                         (Sarveswari! Do continue to alleviate the tribulations of one and all
                         among the Three Lokas and destroy the enemy elements everywhere).

                         Ya yetatsaramam guhyam Sarva Rakshaa vishaaradam,
                         Devya sambhaashitam Stotram sadaa Saamraajya daayakam/
                         (This Sapta Shloki is at once striking yet classified but bestowing
                         protection; this is a Sacred Hymn related to the Supreme Mother 
                         yielding immense benefits including ‘Samraajya’ or Empires!

                         Shrunuyaadwaa pathedyaapi paathayeydwaapi yatnatah,
                         Parivaara yutho Bhuutwaa Trailokya Vijayeebhavet!
                         (Hearing, reading or narrating the Sapta Shloki with sincere
                         efforts along with family and friends would secure accomplishments in all the Three Lokas!)       

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