Essence Of
Varaha Purana


7    Origin of some Deities, specific days for worship and fruitful results
There lived a noble King during Satya Yuga by name Prajapal who met a Sage Mahatapa in the latter’s hermitage during a hunting session in a forest. During the meeting, the
King enquired about the prominence of specific Deities and their importance. The Sage underlined that all the Deities are of the manifestation of Lord Vishnu and the fruits of worship to each and every Deity belong to the Lord. Prajapal asked sage Mahatapa as to how various Deities like Agni, Ashvini Kumars, Gauri, Gajanan, Seshnag, Kartikeya, Aditya, Chandrama, Durga, Ashta Matrikas, Dishatey, Kuber, Vayu, Yama, Rudra, Dharma, Pitra Ganas etc.were created, what is the Sanjna (Number) and the Tithi.

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