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Varaha Purana


31    Significance of ‘Vaishno Devi’ (Devi ‘Stuti’ included)
Symptomatic with Rajoguna and Vishnu Maya, Vaishno Devi entered a cave named Vishala Teertha atop Mandara Mountain for executing Tapasya. After considerable time gap of years, She felt highly disturbed and out of that feeling of stress emerged several ‘Kumaris’ (Young Virgins) who were bluish in complexion, with curled hair, attractive lips, broad eyes, slim waists and ornamented. Simultaneously a massive number of grown up women too materialized. Innnumerable palaces and houses with all possible facilities with luxurious living appeared to accommodate the Kumaris and women. Renowned among the Kumaris were Vidyutprabha, Chandrakanthi, Suryakanthi, Para, Gambhira, Charukeshi, Sujata, Ghritachi, Urvashi, Shashini, Sheilamanditha, Charu Kanya, Visalakshi, Dhanya, Peenapayodhara, Chandraprabha, Girisutha, Suryaprabha, Amrita, Swayamprabha, Charumukhi, Shivadooti, Vibhavari, Jaya, Vijaya, Jayanti, Aparajita and many others housed in Sreshthapuri. All the Maids of Devi wearing ‘Ankush’ and ‘Paasha’ surrounding Her as seated on a Golden Throne were fanning Her with white ‘Chamaras’. Vaishno Devi was fully ornamented and garlanded with various fragrant flowers and was seated comfortably when Sage Narada called on Her for ‘Darshan’ and left. His purpose was to convey to Demon Mahishasur about the unparalelled beauty of Vaishno Devi. The puffed up arrogant Demon tormented the whole world, especially Devas, Sages and all the virtuous since he attained boons of invincibility from Brahma except from women. He called his Maha Mantri ‘Alamsharma’ and select other Mantris like Praghas, Vighas, Shankukarna, Vibhavasu, Vidyunmali, Sumali, Parjanya and Kruur and instructed them to request Her to marry him politely and if necessary utilise the other means of ‘Daana’ or tempt with gifts; ‘Bheda’or divide and try; and finally as a last resort to ‘Danda’ or punish or even kidnap or if need be to destroy Her! As the road map plan of approaching Her was finalised, a highly accomplished person named Vighas was commisioned to negotiate. As all means of cajoling and threatening were not fruiful, the Demon had to declare war. Senapati Virupaksh led the Demon’s side and quite a few of the Danavas were capable of defeating the Mighty Indra who carried the Vajrayudha! Among these ‘Daithyas’ were stalvarts like Lomavarshak, Anjan, Nilakukshi, Udraksh, Meghavarna, Balahak, Lalataksh, and Subhim. While Rahu challenged ‘Ashtavasus’ or Eight Vasus, mighty Demons like Bhayankar, Dhwanksh, Dhvasta Karna, Shanka Kukarna, Vajra Kaya, Ati Veerya, Vidyunmali, Rakthaksha, Bhimadamshtra, Vidyutjihva, Atikaya, Mahakaya, Dirghabahu, Krithantak etc.attacked the Eleven Adithyas by turns. Kaal, Kritanth, Raktaksha, Haran, Mitrah, Aanitya, Yajaha, Goghna, Stridhan and Parakrami fought Eleven Rudras. Thousands of Asuras were destroyed and in the process Devas too got defeated and fled without a scar but for the fact that they consumed Amrit. Sage Narada alerted Kumaris of Vishno Devi that the so-called invincible Mahisahasur had moved towards Devi Bhagavati to wage a battle.As a final effort of demanding Devi to wed Mahishasura was personally conveyed by the Special envoy, called Vidhyutprabha; indeed Vaishno Devi was fully aware of Mahisha’s background but gave a patient hearing: there was a demoness named Mahishmati who took the form of a Mahisha (She-baffalo) and tried to forcibly occupy the Ashram of Sage Ambar who by his Divine Vision found the real form of the demoness and cursed her that she would take the birth of a Mahisha (buffalo). As she fell on the feet of the Sage, he had kindly agreed that if she begot a son then she would be back to normalcy.After a time lag, another Sage named Sindhudveep who was performing Tapasya on the banks of Narmada river witnessed the attractive physique of a Devakanya without clothes and the Sage dropped his semen in the water, when the Mahisha saw the scene. She drank up the semen water and thus begot Mahishasura who was unconquerable. “Therefore oh Devi, this would be a last chance to marry the Mighty Mahisha and be happy for ever”, said the Emissary Vidyutprabha. As this was stated, Vaishno Devi laughed like a roar of a Lioness so much so, the Trilokas in her belly were shaken and from that vibration came out Devi Jaya, the Dwarpalika of the Goddess and said: ‘You stupid, your head is as thick as your Lord Mahishasura’s! Do you not realise that Vaishno Devi is a Kumari and is the Supreme Goddess of Kumaris and the Boon Giver to those who perform this Great Vrata; do run back soon as the rules of ‘Dharma Yuddha’ (Battle of Dharmic Rules) prohibit killing an emissary. As this conversation was going on, Sage Narada appeared and was so mirthful that the final moment of Mahisha’s annihilation had arrived. A multitude of Mahisha’s army was butchered by Kumaris and there was tremendous ‘hahakars’ of death all around. Vaishno Devi assumed a mammoth form with twenty hands each carrying a weapon of mass destruction like arrows and bow, sword, Shakti, mace, axe, damaru, huge bell, Shatagni, Mudgara, Bhushundi, Jhala, Musal, Chakra, Bhindipal, Danda, Pasha, Dhwaja and Padma. As the entire army of the Asura was floored totally, the Lion on which was seated by Devi made such a howl that the Universe was frightened as though that was the signal to jump.The Asura Maya which sought to be spread by the Demon jumping from mountain to mountain was targetted with Vishnu Maya with such precision that the Trisul went right through the wretched body of Mahisha, the Greatest menace of the World, fell with a terrific thud which pierced through the ears of the entire humanity. Headed by Lord Brahma, Indra and all the Devas extolled Vaishnavi Devi for saving them as also the World from the peril of the Asura as follows:

Devi Vaishnavi Stuti :

Namo Devi Mahabhagey Gambheerey Bhima Darshiney,
Jayasthey Stithi Siddhantey Trinetrey Vishvatomukhi /
Vidyavidye Jaye yajey Mahishasuramardini,
Sarvagey Sarvadeveshi Vishwarupini Vaishnavi /
Veethashokey Dhruvey Devi Padma Paptra Shubheykshaney,
Suddhasatva vrathasthey cha Chanda Rupey Vibhavari /
Ruddhi Siddhipradey Devi Vidyey Vidyomrutey Shivaey,
Shankari Vaishnavi Brahmi Sarva Deva Namaskrutey /
Ghanthaahastey Trishulaastrey Maha mahisha madrdini,
Ugra Rupey Virupakshi Mahamayemritusravey /
Sarvasatva hithey Dhruvey, Vidyaapurana shilpanaam Janani Bhutadharini /
Sarva Deva Rahasyanaam Sarva Sattvavathaam Shubhey,
Tvameva Sharanam Prapadyanthey e Devi Parameswari /
Na theshaam Jaayathey kinchithasumbha rana sankatey,
Yashva Vyaghra bhayey ghorey chorarajabhaey tatha /
Stvamennam sada Devi Pathishyati Yataatmavaan,
Nigadasthopi yo Devi twam Smarishyati Manavah/
Sopi Bandhairvimuktasthu Sumukham vasatey sukhi/

( Hey Mahabhagyashalini, Gambheera, Bhayankara Darshini, Vijayashalini, Sthitha Swarupa, Three Eyed Devi, Universe Faced One, Our sincere Greetings to you;
Hey Vidya and Avidya Rupi, Jaya, Fit for performing Yajnas, Mahishasura Mardini, Omni Present, Swamini for all Devas, Vishwarupini, Devi Vaishnavi: our Greetings; You are devoid of sorrows, Everlasting, Beautiful and Lotus Eyed, You are embodiment of Pure Satva Gunas and at the same time ferocious, brutal and night like darkness; You are the benevolent Devi bent on enhancing Virtuous mind-sets; You are Vidya, Avidya and Amrit in the same wavelength; You are Shankar, Vishnu, Brahma and Shakti in one go; You carry a Ghanta ( Bell), Trishul and many other Items signifying several aspects simultaneously; You are the force to destroy Maha Mahishi, Ugraswarupa, Virupakshi and Maha Maya; Sarva Satvamaya, Dhruvasva Rupini, Mother of Puranas, Vidyas and various Skills; Ambika, Virupakshi, Shantai Swarupa, Dosharahita or Sinless, Akshaya, Avyaya,; I am in Your ‘Sharan’ or safe custody; Those who read this Stuti with a clean thought and mind shall never be troubled by ferocious animals, thieves, or those in authority and nothing untoward would ever occur to them! Even shackled by iron chains, those who read this Vaishavi Stuti would instantly be free and fearless!

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