Essence Of
Varaha Purana


30    Manifestation of ‘Tri Shaktis’-Brahmi, Vaishnavi and Rudrani
Lord Brahma led a delegation of Devas and reached Kailash when Rudra Deva and Devi were sharing a lighter moment. The reason of the visit was that a Demon named Andhaka defeated Devas badly and ousted them from Swargaloka. Brahma requested Narayan too to join at Kailasa to face the emergency. As the Trinity pondered over the crisis rather seriously and their vision crossed each others’ eyes, there appeared a Tri Shakti whom the Trinity named as Tri Kala who would administer the entire Universe. Since She was the embodiment of Tri Gunas of Satva, Rajas and Tamas, She would be known by that name as Tri Guna; since Her physique and appearance alternate with the three colours of white, red and black, She would be called Tri Varna also.Among the Tri Shaktis so manifested, one Swarupa was extremely beautiful and benevolent as a personification of propitiousness to be engaged in the task of ‘Brahma Srishti’ as Brahmi Devi. Another characterizasion of Tri Shakti was endowed with the quality of an administrator in the most dignified and poised demeanor, signifying valour and Vishnu Maya was named Vaishno Devi. With a fearful visage and physique, ready to pounce on the wicked and the Evil, the third Image with a Trident seated on a tiger was called Rudrani Devi as ‘Vishva Samharini’or the Destroyer of the Universe. Brahmi Devi who was Svetha Varna or fair complexioned, lustrous and lotus eyed became a ‘Yogini’ with the permission of Brahma on ‘Sveth Parvat’ or the White Mountain. Eventually this Devi of Satva Guna became popular as Saraksharamayi, Ekakshara, Vageesha, Sarasvati, Vidyeshvari, Vedavati, Amritakshara, Jnanavidhi, Vibhavari Devi, Vishalini, and Soumya. Vaishno Devi who manifested from Vishnu too left with His consent for Mandarachal for Tapasya. Rudrani left for Neel Parvat or Blue Mountain to perform Tapasya after Rudra Deva’s approval. The Tri Shatkis were thus ready for facing exigencies whenever they were recalled from the respective Lords such as when Sarasvati was asked to help in the task of Creation etc. More than the normal duties as were assigned to them, the Tri-Shakties were ever ready to supplement the efforts of their respective Lords as collective endeavors were called for, such as the destruction of mighty Demons as Andhaka.

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