Essence Of
Varaha Purana


27    Concept of Unity in Diversity-Maha Vishnu manifests in Triple Forms
At a Sacred Yagna being performed to worship Maha Vishnu various Devas including Indra and Brahma attended and so did Bhagavan Siva. Since there was the question of worhipping the seniormost Deities present , Sage Agastya asked Lord Rudra Himself as to who should be declared as the Chief Guest at the Yagna. Lord Rudra replied that since the Yagna was devoted to Vishnu and as such it was most appropriate that Vishnu be the Chief Guest. Moreover, Satva Swarup Parama Narayana displayed Himself in three Forms. With the complex mix of ‘Rajas’ and ‘Tamas’ Gunas Maha Vishnu created from His navel the Lord Brahma seated on Lotus top and Satva Guna predominated Brahma; with the mix of Rajas and Tamas Gunas, Deva Deva created Shiva with Tamo Guna dominating; and finally, with the mix of Rajas and Satva Gunas, He created Vishnu with the predominance of Satva Guna! Having stated that but for the predominance of Gunas, all the three forms of Adi Deva are equally important, Rudra Deva declared:

Yo Vishnum Sa Svayam Brahma Yo Brahma sohamevacha,
vedatrayopi Yajnosmin Yajyam Vedeshunischayah
Yo bhedam kurutheysmaakam thrayaanam Dwijasotthama
Sa paapakari dhushtaatma durgatim gatimaapnuyat/

(Whoever is Vishnu, He is Brahma Himself, and whoever is Vishnu He is Myself or Rudra! Hey Sreshtha Dvija, the decisive view of Vedas is that whoever makse a distinction among the Trinity that sinner among human beings goes down to Durgati or to Evil Ways.) Rudra said further to Sage Agastya: I am the Three Yugas, the Trimurties, Three Vedas, Three Agnis like Garhapatmaya, Three Lokas, Three Gunas, Three Sandhyas and Three Varnas.

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