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26    Bhakti in seeking Lord Vishnu-relevance of ‘Pancha Ratra’ Gyan
In the context of Padmanabha Vratha mentioned above, Maha Muni Agasthya preached on several Spiritual Issues to King Asvaashva. He gave the example of Devarshi Narada who having worshipped Lord Vishnu for thousand years visited ‘Sweta Dwipa’ and was stunned to visualise the Maha Purusha Vishnu with His armoury and ornaments like Shankham, Chakram, Padmam, and Koustubh and prayed to Him literally non stop. Lord Vishnu replied that those Brahmanas who followed ‘Purusha Suktam’ or the Original ‘Samhita’ describing ‘Varnashrama Dharma’ and worshipped Him with devotion would indeed realise Him.[ Purusha Suktam states ‘Sahasra Sirsha Purushah, Sahasraksha Sahasrapaat, Sabhumim Visvatho vruttva Athyathishtha Dasaasngulam ( The Immortal Purusha has thousand or countless heads, Thousand Eyes and Thousand Feet, He spreads all over the Earth that ten fingers cannot count)---‘Braahmanosya Mukhamaseeth Bahoo Raajanyakruthah, Uruthathasya yadh Vaisya Pathbyaagum Shudro Ajaayatha ( His mouth formed the Brahmana, His arms made Rajaaya or Kshatriya, His two thighs the Vaishyas or traders/agriculturists, and from His feet the Shudras] Bhagvan said further those devotees who observed the ‘Pancha Rathra Shastra’ too would attain me. Those who were dominated by Rajas and Tamas features would not be able to even gauge me, let alone attain me. So saying Bhagavan bestowed to Narada the greatest gift of the composite knowledge of Pancha Rathra Sastra with the mission of preaching its contents and explanations to posterity. [Bhakti is Amrit and righteousness or the bliss of Almighty; notwithstanding the turmoil of ‘Samsasra’or worldly wisdom, a bhakta has to promote a parallel force in the name of virtuousness and alignment with Narayana and the strength of that alignment determines the distance from the Bhakta and Narayana. The driving force named Devi Radha is Bhakti and in fact Radha Devi Herself is the embodiment of Bhakti. Hence the union of Radha and Krishna is ‘Moksha’ or Salvation. Narada confirms in Pancha Rathra as follows:

Satyam Satyam punah Punah Satyameva Punah Punah
Radha naamna Vinalokena matprasado na Vidyatey

(I tell you the truth and I repeat that this is the truth; one who does not pray Radha will not secure my kindness or blessings.)]

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