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Varaha Purana


16    Devi Durga’s carnage of Vetrasur and Her ‘puja’ on Navami (Durga Stuti included)
As a King of yore called Sindhudweep carried out a relentless ‘Tapasya’ to avenge the killing of his son by Indra, a beautiful woman approached him introducing herself as Vetravati (a River), the wife of Deity Varuna, since she was infatuated with the King. The King obliged and she was blessed with a boy instantly who was named Vetrasur who became a powerful King of Pragjyotishpuram, eventally the Lord of Sapta Dwipas and conquered all the Deities and Indra. Brahma wondered as to how a single Demon and followers could control the Deities and succeed to pierce through the ever potent and Univerasally spread out net of ‘Maya’or the Adi Shakti! Even as Brahma was seriously thinking on these lines, there emerged from water a figure with white robes, bejewelled, head-geared, sheet of astonishing brightness, and eight arms wearing Chakra (Wheel), Saranga (Conchshell), Gada (Mace), Paasha (chord), Khadga (Sword), Dhanush (bow) and Thuuneer (to keep arrows). It was child’s play for Devi Durga as seated on a lion to slay the potent followers and of Vetrasura with ease and Maha Deva Shankara Himself complimented and praised as follows:

‘Jayasva Devi Gayatri Maha Maaye Maha Prabho,
Maha Devi Mahabhaage Maha Satve-Divyagandhanu liptanga
Divyastragdhama bhushithey,
Vedamatar namastubhyam Tryaksharasthey Maheswari,
Trilokasthey Tri-tatvasthey Trivahnisthey Tri Sulini-
Trinetrey Bhouma Vaktre cha Bhimanetre Bhayanake-
Kamala asanaje Devi Sarasvati Namostutey,
Namah Pankaja patrakshi Mahamayamrutastravey-
Sarvagey Sarva Bhuteshu Swaahakaarey Swadembikey,
Sampurnam Purnachandraabhey Bhasvaraangey Bhavodbhavey-
Maha Vidye Maha Vaidye Maha Daityavinasini,
Mahabuddhiryudbhave Devi Veetashoke kiratini-
Tvam nitistvam Mahabhaage Twam Gostvam Goustva- maksharam,
Tvam Dhirastwam Sristatvam omkarastatve chapi Paristhitha’

.(Hey Maha Maya, Mahaprabha, Mahabhaga, Mahotsava, Maha Devi Gayatri-My Greetings- your body parts smeared with Sandalwood paste and decorated with Divinely ‘Mala’, hey Veda Mata or Mother of Vedas and Maheswari, My Greetings! Hey Trilokastha, Tritatvastha, Tri vahnistha, Tri Sulini, Trinetra, Bhima Vaktra, Bhima netra, Bhayanaka, Kamalasan’s daughter Sarasvati, My Greetings! Hey Maha Maya with Lotus like eyes, Omnipresent, Sarva Bhuteswari, Svahakara and Svadhakara Rupini Ambika; With Full Moon like Face and Illuminated Body, an embodiment of Knowledge and Medicine, Great Annihilator of Demons, Fund of Maha Buddhi, Sorrowless, Devi Kiratini, Mahabhaga, You are the personification of Morality, Sarasvathi, You are the origin of Sound and Undiminishing wisdom, you are the Courage, Omkarasthita and The Provider of Boons, I greet you).
Lord Brahma requested Devi Durga to shift to Himalayas and let all the Deities worship Her. The Navami of each month should be celebrated with sincere dedication to Devi Durga by consuming only prasad made of wheat flour after observing day long fast till the evening and by reciting Durga Sukti as given above. For sure, men and women who keep this as a regular practice on Navami days would attract Devi Durga’s kind blessings.

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