Essence Of
Varaha Purana


11    Birth of Gajanana, Priority Invocation and adoration on Chaturthi (Ganesha Vrata Vidhana included)
As Devas faced a strange problem of recurring failures as and when they take up a fresh assignment whereas Demons seemed to be going ahead with novel operations, they approached Lord Siva and Devi Parvati to provide a solution. In reply Bhagavan Siva started thinking that among the Panchabhutas (Five Elements), there was an identifiable personification of a Deity among Prithvi (Earth), Varun (Water), Tejas (Fire) and Vayu
(Wind God), but how was it that ‘Akash’ (Sky) did not have? By so thinking Lord Siva laughed loudly and Devi Parvati could guess by her Jnana Shakti (Power of Knowledge) what Bhagavan was laughing boisterously about. From that energetic hilarity with an open mouth emerged a replica of Siva who was strong, handsome and powerful whom Devi Parvati kept gazing and got mesmerised. Lord Siva got annoyed by the instant reaction of Devi Parvati, became jealous of the Super Boy and infact got angry and cursed him saying that he would possess an elephant face, disproportionate belly and serpented Yagnopaveeth (Holy Thread).Siva was still angry and from His body hair roots kept on multiplying innumerable Vinayaks resembling the original and Lord Brahma flew over the Sky and as ‘Akashvani’( a loud announcement from the Sky) declared that Devas should be grateful to Lord Siva to have provided the solution to the problem posed by them and that the various forms of Vinayak which got materialised would indeed ensure that as and when Devas ( and human beings) initiated a task they should invoke the blessings of Vinayak foremost. As the announcement from Brahma was heard, Siva was by then cooled down and addressed Vinayaka endearingly; Ganesh Puja:
‘Vinayako Vighnakaro Gajasyo Ganesha naamaacha Bhavasya Putrah, Yethecha Sarvam thava yanthu Bhruthya Vinayakayaah Kruura drishtah Prachandah-Vucchushma daanaadi vuvruddhva dehaha Karyeshu siddhim prati paadayanthah, Bhavaamsva Deveshu thadha makeshu kaaryashu chanteshu Mahanubhavat-Agreshu Pujam Labhatenyatha cha Vinashayishyastatha kaarya siddhim’ ( Hey Putra! Vinayaka, Vighnakara, Gajavadana, Ganesha, Shankara Putra; all these cruel-eyed, harsh and angry Vinayaks will be your servants; those who are desirous of giving well earned materials as ‘daanas’ or alms be provided with Siddhis or boons. At Yajnas or various Propitious Tasks, all the devotees shall be provided the highest veneration, lest their tasks or worships be discounted’).
As Devas performed ‘Abhishek’ (Sacred Bath to Ganesha, they extolled him as follows:
‘ Namasthe Gajavaktraya Namasthe Gananayaka, Viyayaka Namastestu Namaste Chanda Vikrama-Namastestu tey Vighna kartha Namaste Sarpa Mekhala Namaste Rudra Vaktrotha Pralambajatharaasrita- Sarva Deva Namaskaaradavighnam kuru Sarvada (‘We greet you Gajavadan, Gananayak, Prachanda Vikram, Vighna kartha, Naga bhushana, Rudra Mukha Utpanna, Lambodhara, Avighna Karak, Kalyan Pradata ; Sarva devas are greeting you, Kindy ensure that we enjoy Avighnam always). Since Ganapati was born on Chaturthi, this day of each month is worthy of His worship; but Bhadrapada Sukla Paksha Chaturdhi is the most auspicious day for a fulfledged worship with ‘Shodasa Upacharas’ or Sixteen Services of Avahana ( Welcome), Asana ( Seating), Padyam ( water for washing feet), Arghya (water for sipping), Snana or body wash, Gandham (Sandal wood paste), Dhupam (Incense), Deepam ( offering lights), Naivedyam ( Food and Fruits) Tambula ( betel leaves and nuts), Paneeya (coconut water), Vastram (clothing), Alankaram ( Decoration), Abharanam (Jewellery), Stotram (Extolling) and ‘Arati’ (Camphor lighting).

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