Brahma Vishnu Maheswaraakhyaayam Yassamshaya Loka saadhaakaah 
Tamaadidevaam Chidrupam vishuddham Paramam bhajey/

(I meditate upon that Pure and Innermost Form of Supreme Consciousness called the Super Soul whose ‘Swarupas’ or Appearances constitute Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara). While Vedas are known as the oldest Scriptures that emerged from the mouth of Lord Brahma, Puranas are stated to have preceded Vedas.

Narada Purana has the significance of being one of the Eighteen Major Puranas, which was narrated by Devarshi Narada himself to Maharshi Sanaka of the four Illustrious Manasika Putras (Mind- born Sons) of Brahma viz. Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanaatana and Sanat Kumaras. This was retold by Maha Muni Suta at a huge congregation of twenty six thousand Munis headed by Saunaka at ‘Naimisharanya’. Narada Purana has two Parts-the ‘Purva’ and ‘Uttara- the first Part with Four Chapters describing the Origin of the Universe, Application of Mantras, Worship through Rituals and Vratas while the latter Part dealing with Incarnations and significance of Pigrimages and Daanas (Offerings).The Sages prefaced their query as to how the normal aspirations of human beings viz. ‘Dharma’( Virtue), ‘Artha’ (Prosperity), Kama (Fulfillment), ‘Moksha’ (Salvation) could be realized and how Narada Purana approached this objective.

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