Brief on Primary Creation by Maha Vishnu

As the Kumara brothers were on way to Brahma, Sanaka and Narada met at the top of Meru Mountain and had a dip in Ganges that emerged from the Sacred Feet of Vishnu. Extolling the magnitude and enormity of Lord Vishnu, Narada asked Sanaka as to how could one realize Lord Vishnu, what was the cause of Creation, what were the features of devotion, knowledge and penance and how did Bhagavan create Brahma and other manifestations! Sanaka explained that Vishnu materialized from the right part of his body the Lord Brahma (sprouted by the stem of Lotus from Bhagavan’s navel), Rudra from his middle part and created Vishnu, a replica of his own from the left side.

He also created images/ illusions of Lakshmi, Uma, Chandika and Sarasvati which were his Shaktis (Powers). He is of ‘Vyakta’ (Visionable) and ‘Avyakta’ (Invisible) nature but is all-pervasive and has Sat-Chit-Ananda as his basic features; he is Prakriti, Purusha and Kaala;  he is Paramatma creating Five Karmendriyas (Sight, Sound, Scent, Touch and Taste), the corresponding Gyanendriyas (Eyes, Ears, Nose, Skin and Tongue), Three ‘Gunas ( Characteristics) of Satvika-Rajas-Tamasika form; Maha Tatwa leading to the  ‘Ahamkaras’(Natural dispositions) creating ‘Tanmatras’; and Pancha Bhutas (Earth, Water, Light, Air and Sky). Then Brahma commenced Srishti (Creation) of Tamasika nature to start with of Pasu-Pakshi and Mriga (Cattle, Birds and Animals) and Rakshasas but quickly took up the Creation of Satvika Sarga of Devatas, of human beings by Rajasika Sarga, followed by Daksha and progeny and thus the World got full by now.

Then came into existence of the Seven Lokas viz. Bhurloka, Bhuvarloka, Swarloaka, Maharloka, Janaloka, Tapaloka and Satyaloka, besides the Under-Sea Lokas viz. Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talatala, Mahatala, Rasatala and Patala. Brahma created Loka Palakas (Administrators) of each of the Lokas as also the Mountains, Rivers, and all the essential provisions to enable life. At the Center of Earth, Brahma created Meru Mountain as also the peripheral areas beyond which were materialized the Seven Seas viz. Kshiroda, Ikshurasoda, Surida, Grita, Dadhi and Swadu;  and Seven Dwipas (Islands), viz. Jambu, Plaksha, Shalmali, Kusha, Krouncha, Shaakha and Pushkara . It is at the north of Kshira Sagara and south of Himalayas that Bharata Varsha is situated, known as the ‘Karma Bhumi’ where by and large the population worship Narayana, Krishna and Vasudeva or Shiva, Neelakantha and Shankara. Those who did not worship out of ignorance or arrogance would visit various hells since they hardly had the tendency to be virtuous, devoted and even-minded; yet Bhagavan who had been most impartial, extremely forgiving and always merciful, would await every small good turn of any human being or even a negligible Being in the ‘Charaachara’ (Moving or Immoveable) Srishti and bestow multiplying effects in providing boons. This was the reason why one should worship Vaasu Deva always:

Vaasu Deva paro Dharmo Vaasu Deva param Tapah,                                 
Vaasu Deva param Jnaanam Vaasu Deva paraa gatih/

Vaasu Devaatmikam sarva   jagat sthaavarajangamam/
AaBrahmastambha paryantam tasmaadanyatra vidyatey/

Sa eva Dhaataa Tripurantaakascha sa yeva Devaasura Yagna rupah, 
sa eva Brahmaandamidam tatonyatra kinchidastit Vyatirikta rupam,

Yasyaatparam naparamasti kinchidysmadaneeyatra  tatha Mahiyan,
Vyaptam hi tenedaminda vichitram tam Deva Devam Pranametsameedyam

( It is Vaasudeva who is the final goal of all Dharmas; the end result of all Tapasyas; awareness of Vaasudeva Tatwa is the best Gyan and route to attain Vaasudeva ; from Brahma down to ‘Krimikeetas’(insects and flies) is the manifestation of Vaasudeva without doubt; He is Brahma and Shiva; He is all Devatas, Asuras, Yagna Rupa and Brahmaanda and none else; there is neither bigger nor smaller than him; Bhagavan Vishnu has pervaded this entire Universe; is there any  other Super Force who is worthy of worship!)

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