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Recyling of Further Human Life

 ‘Jatismara’ Sumati described to his father Mahamati about the origin and evolution of human life:
Nishekam Manava Sreenaam beejam proktam rajasyatha,
vimukta maatro narakaastvargadwaapi prapadyathe/
Tenaabhi bhuutamtatsthairyayaati beejadwayam Pitah,
Kalalatvam budbudatvam thatah peshitvamevacha/
peshyaastathaa yatha beejaandakuraadi samudhbavah,
angaanaam cha thathotpatthih panchanaamanu bhaagashah/

(At the time of menses, a woman converts male sperm into her womb and both the seeds settle down while two eggs out of the circled liquid are created as ‘Ankurs’ which gradually divide to take shapes as fingers, eyes, nose, face, ears etc.; further sub-divide as nails etc.and then grow skin, body hairs and head hair. In other words, just as a coconut is grown, a baby grows along with the ‘garbhakosha’ inside the abdomen and turns upside down with the baby’s head turned down too. The baby’s growth process would be completed within the nine-month period before the delivery commecing the process of linking both the eggs. The growth process is enabled by the food intake of the woman and its essence;

Naadi chaapyayani naama naabhyaam tasyanibhadyathe,
Streenaam Tathantrasushirye saa nibadyopajaayathey/
kramaanti bhuktapeetaani Streenaam Garbhodarey yatha,
thairaapyaayati deho sow janthuvriddhimupaiti vai

(A ‘naadi’ named ‘Aapyaayani’ in the feminine ‘naabhi’ carries the intake of food and drink and enables the growth of the foetus by satisfying it). The Praani resolves that after its entry into the world, it would never ever go through this torment of ‘Garbha nivas’ surrounded by blood, excreta and feces, but indeed that dreadful existence inside the abdomen is erased from its memory as soon as the baby enters the world with an unbearable nothingness which gradually enlivens with the touch of wind all around.Then ‘Maya’ or illusion covers up the Praani who has had sub-conscious feelings and sensitivities.The baby gradually gets used to the new life thus slowly but steadily entering the life’s cycle of joys and sorrows till death overcomes the life again!

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