Bhagwan Shiv

Fruits of Punya (Rewards of Virtue / Goodness)

 Kindness, noble association, noble activities aimed at the ‘Paraloka’, Truthfulness, espousing the right causes of mankind; worship to Guru, Devas, Rishis and Siddharshis; Sadhu Sangam (Company of Sadhus), Practice of Good Actions, Mitrata or Friendship and constant ‘Namasmarana’ (recitation) of Bhagavan are all acts of magnificence worth emulation!

Having given an account of the results of Sins as also the adverse effects by way of retribution, the Jatismara Son Sumati asked his father to convert concentrate on holy tasks in the subsequent period of life by switching over from ‘Grihasth Ashram’ to ‘Vanaprasth Ashram’ and earn as much ‘Punya’ (rewards) as possible and intensify the process of alignment of the Self with ‘Paramatma’ or the Stage of ‘Nidwanda’ (Non-Duality) or Unity and of ‘Nishparigraha’or the negation of want or favour.This State of Bliss is possible only through Yoga and control of the Five Elements like Water, Fire, Air etc.

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