Essence Of Maha Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana

Creation by Brahma

At this juncture, Maha Muni Suka quoted Sage Narada after ascertaining from Lord Brahma Himself about the process of further Creation By Brahma. After the Supreme Force created Him there emerged ‘Brahma Jyoti’which created the Sun, Fire, Moon, Firmament, Planets and Stars. Then followed the Creation of the Five Basic Elements, the Vedas, the Matter, Knowledge and the Entirety . The Very Original Manifestations of Super Force created the Three Super Energies in Brahma (to create), Vishnu  (to preserve) and Eswar (to destroy). To express His gratitude to the Super Force, Brahma, who emerged from the navel of Maha Vishnu over a lotus stem(whose depth could never be known), innovated the paraphernalia and ingredients to perform Worship to the Master and in the process were created the Sacificial Material, Veda Reciters or the Holy Sages, the Humanity and so on.

But, Brahma reiterated again that the activities attrirbuted to Himself, or Vishnu or Eswar are basically the Acivities of the Supreme Force Itself, reflected as the actions of the Proxy- Entities concerned. Brahma also referred to the First Incarnation of the Super Force, named ‘Karanarnavasayi Vishnu’Who was the Master of Eternal Time, Space, Cause and Effects, Elements, Material Ego, Modes of Nature, Senses and Universal Form of the Super Force, while ‘Garbhodayasayi Vishnu’ is the Totality of Live Beings, moving or stationary. Brahma mentioned too about the Supreme Lord’s   Scheduled Incarnations with Specific Purposes. This was how, Sage Narada sought replies from Brahma about his doubts whether (a) there was a manifold manifestation of the Super Force as normally understood  by the Existence of Triemvirate and (b) whether there was dualism of ‘Atma’ (Inner Self) of  Human beings and other species and of ‘Paramatma’. The replies were categorical to signify the firm belief that there is one and only one Super Force and the rest is an illusion.

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