Essence Of Maha Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana

Ten Stage Formation

To several queries raised by King Parikshith after being engrossed with the content of the earlier replies, The Maha Muni Suka resumed his further preachings and described  Creation of the Universe, its Sub-Creation, Planetery Systems, Protection by Almighty, the Momentum to Create, Alteration of ‘Manus’, the Science of the Super Force, Revisiting the Home, Return to God Head and Liberation.The basic elements used for Creation are the ‘Pancha Bhootas’or Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky plus smell, taste, touch,sound, ears, eyes, nose, form, toungue, skin and mind – all totalling sixteen, the group of which is known as ‘Sarga’ and their combined interaction is named ‘Visarga’.

Obedience by mankind to the Fundamental Laws of Nature as prescribed and safeguarded by the Supreme Force (for eg. Planetery System) and enforcing  Regulations such as the Discipline of Marriages, Family living, social life etc. by ‘Manus’ or The Period Heads who keep changing from time to time as the ongoing phenomena of Creation and Sub-creation of the Universe.The cause and momentum  for creative activity in the Universe is provided  by  the Nature itself.The Science of the Super Force is a result of Self-propelling Action in terms of Incarnations or their Devotees. Revisiting the human abode by the Individual Soul into the physical bodies for temporary existence denotes the cycle of births and deaths.Return to God Head is the merger of Individual Souls into the Supreme Force, only to join the cycle of life once again. And Liberation is the Finality or the Final Truth.The Sum Substance of this Ten Stage Formation of the Universe was given by the Suka Muni based either on Vedic Inferences, or the Teachings of Great Sages or self-motivations.

The Muni further explained that the Supreme Force is not impersonal in the sense that an Individual Being or ‘Nara and Narayana’, not different from each other. Nara signifies Water and Narayana is the One Floating on Water. The Lord lying in ‘Yoga Nidra’ or Spiritual Slumber on Water manifests Himself all over the Universe and also releases energies to create the Controlling Entities, the Controlled Entities and Material Bodies, activities, time and modes. Narayana created sky from His Own Body as also the Sense Force, Mental Energy and Bodily Strength.The totality of these Three Formulations produced the Life Energy which paved the way for Mouth and Palate. Along side came, the  features of hunger and thirst, tongue and taste, speech and digestion.The Ruling Planet of  Fire was in place.The Lord’s Nose and Nostrils produced  respiration, smelling and the ruling planet of Air. Darkness was dispelled by the creation of Sun.Eyes gave vision and Ears provided the sense of hearing.Then followed the physical characteristics of matter as also feelings of sensations such as softness, hardness, warmth, cold, lightness and heaviness as experienced by skin and skin pores.Hands and legs and their parts like palms, feet and fingers as well as the strength and felicity of movement was provided by the agency of Lord Indra. Other organs and allied actions were organised too by the concerned controlling deities, such as the genitals for sex and procreation by Prajapathi; refuse evacuating organ by the controlling Deity, Mitra and so on.Thereafter, the Omnipotent Force created various other organs, sensations, functions and activities like the navel, abdomen, intestines, arteries, the nervous system, heart, lungs, kidneys and mind.The seven elements of human body, viz. the inner layer of skin,outer skin, flesh, blood, fat, marrow, bones and the Life Force Itself, are governed by the Five Elements of Universe or ‘Pancha Bhoothas (Earth,Water, Fire, Air, and Sky). Various sensations or action-reaction syndrome of individual existence are governed by Six Proactive Compulsions named the ‘Arishat -Vargas’ viz. Kama ( Desire), Krodha ( Anger), Moha ( Infatuation), Mada ( Arrogance) and Matsara ( Jealousy).The Inter-relationship of human beings- or for that matter of any of the  variegated species, whether animate or otherwise- and of the Super Force is strictly as per the Regulative Principles of the Supreme Power.There are no exceptions to escape results of past actions or ‘Karma’ from Brahma down-wards, including His sons like Daksha, Period Heads like Vaivasvata Manu, Demi-Gods like Indra, Surya, Chandra or Varuna; Great Sages like Bhrigu, Vyasa or Vasishtha; Gandharvas, Vidyadharas, Asuras, Kinnaras, monkey-shaped Kimpurushas, Demons, Pisachas, Goblins, Ghosts, Human beings, all and any species of animate or inanimate nature.The cycle of births and deaths- creation and destruction-is an everlasting phenomenon of Existence.

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