Essence Of Maha Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana

Simpler Approach

Having thus quoted Suka Maha Muni about the Grand Phenomenon of Virat Purusha and the methodology of attaining that Spiritual Experience, Suta Muni was asked a simple question by Saunaka Muni: “The Spiritual level of Suka who replied and the knowledge level of the King who made the query about the First Step of Realisation of God are quite high.But, persons of average capacity might be baffled. As such, would there be a less complicated reply?” Suta Muni replied that unlike inanimate species like trees or animated beings like animals or human beings are blessed to think and placed better to use their sensory organs to their advantage; they could listen to the Stories of Almighty unlike serpents which have earholes; sing or chant the greatness of the Omnipotent unlike the tongues of frogs; bow down to the Omniscient unlike the head of a dead person;

use the hands in the service of Omnipresent unlike in the case of decorated hands of the dead; the eyes to see the Manifestations of God in symbolic forms unlike the attractive plumes of a peacock; the legs that move forward to Temples and Holy places unlike tree trunks; the nose that experiences the fragrance of flowers or ‘Tulsi’ leaves decorating the Idols of God’s Incarnations unlike that of an animal; the hair that experiences a spontaneous rise on hearing about the miracles of Vishnu unlike the hair of a goat or sheep; the mind that is in constant thought of the Supreme Force unlike in the case of a dead person and the heart that does not melt by the ecstasy of the Lord’s very thought. Thus the First Step Towards Realisation of God is to practise utmost concentration and meditation on the basis of limb-by-limb alliance between a human being and God.

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