Essence Of Maha Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana

Summing Up

Maha Bhagavatha is stated to be the ‘Sumnum Bonum’ of not only the Eighteen Puranas but is the Concentrate of Vedic Know-how. Basically addressed to a person awaiting death within seven days (with full awareness about its Timing), the narration is at once descriptive and devotional reminding the Readers at each step that the purpose of the Script is to underline the Might of the Super Force, the magnitude of what one  could never comprehend, the Magnanimity of His Easy Accessibility, the Proximity to which one could reach, and the Possibility of even merger with Him, given the right means to do so.

Maha Bhagavatam reveals just that viz. the Awareness arising out of Learning, persuade the Will and Resolution to act, perfect and fine tune the means to Reach and synthesize the Self with the Super Self.


 [Kayena Vacha Mansendriyarva Budhyatmanava Prakruthe Swabhavat
 Karomiyadyat Sakalam Parasmy Sriman Narayanaeyeti samarpayami]

All the acts that I perform - either by natural tendencies, or physical, vocal, mental, sensory inclinations, or promptings of Inner Consciouness- are being dedicated to Sriman Narayana.

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