Essence Of Maha Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana

Vision of Virat Purusha

In conclusion, Suta Muni sought to delineate The Supreme Energy in a Human Form to facilitate comprehension so that one could possibly target and concentrate on an Existence rather than a Concept or Abstraction. Apart from the Unmanifested Half, the ‘Virat Swarupa’ or the Collosal Body, has Earth as His Feet, Sky as His Navel, Sun as His Eyes, Brahma the Procreator as His Genital, Death as His Excretion, Moon as His Mind, the Heavenly Planets as His Head, Directions as His Ears, Demi Gods protecting the Planetary System as His Arms, Destruction and Fatality as His Eye-brows, Shame as His Lower Lip, Greed as His Upper Lip, Delusion as His Smile, Moonshine as His Teeth, Trees as His Bodily Hairs, and Clouds as His Hairs on Head.

Now, the Description of His Bodily Ornamenation includes His Kaustubha Gem represents the Purity of Soul, the Srivatsa Mark as the Astonishing Radiance of The Jewel, His Flower-Garland as Material Energy comprising permutations and formulations of the Natural Feelings of Goodness, Passion and Ignorance.; yellow garments as the Vedic Meters; His Sacred Thread (‘Yagnopaveeta’) representing ‘Omkara’ or ‘Pranava’, His two Earrings the processes and practice of Yoga and Sankhya, His Crown denoting Protection and Fearlessness; ‘Ananta’ His Sitting Place being the unmanifested segment of His Existence; His Throne symbolic of Goodness originating from Religiosity and Knowledge; His Club/ Mace the Life Force or ‘Prana’ incorporating Sensory, Mental and Physical Energies; His Conch Shell the Element of wate; Sudarsana Disc His Element of Fire; His sword as the Element of Sky  (Ether); Sheild standing for onslaught of Ignorance; ‘Saranga’ the Bow the Time; Arrow Filler the Sensory Organs; Arrows the Material Senses; His chariot an Assertion and Speed of Mind and so on. Sun Globe is the Place where one could worship the Almighty as He is the medium. He is in the Glorious Company of Lakshmi the Goddess of Prosperity. His Vehicle is Garuda standing for Threefold Vedas. The Chief of His Personal Associates, Vishvaksena is the personification of Tantras and His Gate Keepers headed by Nanda are the mystic powers like Anima, Mahima, Laghima and Siddhis.It is this Virat Purusha in a Permanent and Perfect Human Form with Physical Limbs signifying Transcendence and Sublimity that one craves to worship and amalgamate!     

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