Essence Of Maha Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana


The process followed by a ‘Yogi’ ( Practitioner of Aligning the Miniature to the Maximum) is to commence the Limb By Limb Alignment from the Lotus Feet to the ‘Brahma Randhra’ or the Top Hole on the Head. The Yogi by virtue of his Scientific Knowledge and Perfection of Practice could extinguish the Material Desires and block the Life Force (‘Prana Vayu’ or Air) from the anus-hole upwards, while meditating or concentrating on the ‘Virat Purusha’. While thus blocking, the Air is facilitated to be lifted from the foot-heels to the navel, to the heart, to the chest, and to the root of the palate. From there, Bhakti Yoga commences the air travel to the  middle of eyebrows from where retention of Life Force is a  cut-off point Exercise.

From then onward, the lifting of one’s Self ( ‘Atma’) to the Cerebral Hole would aim at  the Spiritual Path at the termination of Materialism and the Ultimate Merger with the Supreme. Further Travel to the Outer Space or ‘Vaihayasas’ over the Milky Way to ‘Susumna’, ‘Vaisvanara’or the Planet of Fire to cleanse the Soul and higher still to ‘Sisumara’- the Turning Point of the Entire Universe; to ‘Mahar Loka’ and further on  to Vishnu Nabhi ( Navel), known as ‘Garbodha- Sayi Vishnu’, to ‘Satya Loka’ or Brahma Loka and finally to ‘Ananta’ or the Great End or the Grand Beginning.Thus ended Suka Maha Muni’s reply as to how best an intelligent person at the Cave of Death  ought to conduct himself with hardly seven days to go before his Final End.

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