Essence Of Maha Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana

Destruction of Yadu Dynasty and Krishna Niryana

Thus summarising His Preaching, Lord Krishna asked Uddhava about further doubts, and the Devotee with a very grateful visage, tears rolling down and prostrating in a trance, replied whether darkness, frost, fear and ignorance could ever countenance the brightest Sun, face- to- face and still remain unenlightened! Krishna then instructed Uddhava to travel to Badrikasram on the banks of the Holy Alaknanda River and by observing regulations of a Hermit with fulfledged vigour await the Final Call.

On noticing ill-omens on the sky, Krishna also instructed His relatives, associates and wellwishers to proceed forthwith to Prabhatakshetra on the banks of River Sarasvathi to aviod the horrible termination of the entire Dynasty  of Yadus by mutual destruction, as a result of the cursing of Sages with whom some of the misdirected youngters of Yadavas. The curse affected all the sub categories of the Dynasty including Dasarhas, Vrishnis, Andhakas, Bhojas, Satvatas, Madhus and so on. As the deadly hours neared, sons and fathers, uncles and nephews, sons in law and father in laws, brothers and brothers in law had slaughtered each other untill the last trace of the once glorious Yadus.The cane stalks on the beachside of the Ocean turned into fearful thunderbolts (since the particles of the iron mace which emerged from the stomach of the ‘fake pregnant woman’ and were ground and got scattered from the Ocean on the hay and canes) were used as killers for destroying mutually. Lord Balarama having witnessed the horrifying happenings all around sat in composure on the Ocean bed and by the power of Yoga lifted up Himself as His role in the Epic was over successfully and left the mortal remains. Lord Krishna Himself had seen the conclusion of Balarama and lied down under the shadow of a Pipal Tree with His right hand resting under head in full glory with complete ornamentation of Four Handed Form sporting His Conch shell, Sudarsan Wheel, Mace and Lotus as also His Kaustubha Jewel.His left foot toe attracted the attention of  a hunter, Jara, as a bird’s head and released an arrow on the target. As the hunter approached the target, he found to his greatest dismay and fear, that the targetted ‘bird head’ was Lord Krishna Himself! Krishna consoled the hunter who was bewildered with shivers that He Himself planned the accident on His own volition to facilitate the mortal termination of His Incarnation. His charioteer Daruka searching for the Lord found Him stupified lying in that state and on regaining his senses hurried to convey the unbelievable news to Pandavas. Meanwhile, Lords Brahma and Siva, leading Demi-Gods, full collection of Planetery Heads appeared at Prabhasa Kshetra, and Celestial Bodies showered flowers, Gandharvas sang welcome songs, and Sages of Top Order recited Vedic Hymns.It appeared that the normal movement of Time and Planets was somewhat disturbed.Lord’s Own carrier Garuda appeared to carry Him to Vaikuntha. Arjuna supervised the rites of His mortal form of Paramatma who is Eternal and transferred the women and children of Yadus to Indraprastha the Capital of Pandavas and chose Vajra, a survivor of the Yadu clan as their King.

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