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Bhagvat Purana

The Vedic Routes of Achieving the Union

As  Lord Krishna having firmly established the Concept of ‘Satsang’or the Attainment of Oneness, Devotee Uddhava desired to ascertain the efficacy of the Vedic Routes leading to the same goal. After all, various rivers lead to the Ocean finally! Hence, Uddhava requested the Lord about the Practice of ‘Yoga’ for Mystic ‘Siddhis’, ‘Bhakti Yoga’ and Idol Worship, ‘Jnana Yoga’( Power of Knowledge) and finally ‘Sanyasa Yoga’( Total Renunciation or ‘Sat or Truth’ plus ‘Nyasa’or Alliance). Perfection of Yoga for securing Mystic ‘Siddhis’ is one route which ought not to be misused except for Union with the Supreme.

There are eighteen such Siddhis of which a yoga perfectionist aligns with Almighty by eight of them and the rest ten are to be utilised for the good of humanity: Three of the  eight Siddhis are ‘Anima’ to transform theYogi’s body as the smallest unit to enable it to worship in God’s smallest form; ‘Mahima’ to worship Him in the Gross form by assuming the Yogi’s body as the largest; and ‘laghima’ to worship in Him in his lightest form and convert the Yogi’s form as the lightes.The rest of five are: ‘Prapti’to acquire fixation of mind against material forces, ‘Parakamya’ to experience whatever is desired to be seen or heard; ‘Isita’ to control ‘Gunas’ (features) of Satvik, Rajas and Tamas  and ‘Isita’ to secure the vision of the Lord, and ‘Kamavasita’ to obtain Supreme Happiness in worship to Him. Another ten Siddhis are freedom from hunger and thirst, distant hearing and vision (Doora Drishti and Sravanam), moving body as fast as mind, death as per wish, assuming any form as desired, witnessing pastimes of demi-Gods, accomplishment of desires by self, fulfilment of others’ orders  or as per the wishes of the self, entering another body and knoweldge of past, present and future.
         Lord Krishna referred to the Three Principles of Vedas or ‘Trikanda’: Upasana (Sacrifice, Song and Prayer), Karma or fruitive labour and Jnana ( Spiritual Knowledge).[In fact, Bhagavat Gita devoted six chapters each to Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Jnana Yoga]. To those who are fed up with materialistic life and are not keen on performing the rituals prescribed by the Scriptures JnanaYoga is preferrable, while who have desires unfulfilled, Karma Yoga would be the answer.The third alternative for a person who is neither too materialistic nor averse to perform service to the Lord, the best suited is the via-media of Bhakti Yoga. The Ashtanga Yoga including the procedures of Yama, Nigama, Asana, Paryvayama, Pratyahara, Dharma, Dhyana and Samadhi calls for the Karma Yoga. Total surrender and dedicated devotion constitutes an elaborate procedure of worship to a nicely decorated and ornamented Idol with full paraphernalia of flowers, incense sticks, camphor, fruits, coconuts, honey, milk,yougurt (all-mixed  Panchamrita),sandalwood paste, lamps for lighting ghee soaked vicks, Prasadas as offerings (Bhakshya’, Bhojya, Lehya, Choshya and Paniyas), along with Vedic Hymns to describe ‘Avahana’ ‘Argya’, ‘Padya’, ‘Achamana’, ‘Dhoopa’, ‘Dipa’, ‘Naivedya’, etc.of ‘Shodasopacharyas’( sixteen acts of service).The worship services include recitation of  Vedic Prayers like Mantra Pushpam, Purusha Suktam and other Vedic Mantras. Penance by way of fasting, charity,‘Bhajans’(Group Singing and dance), ‘Purana Sravanam’( hearing Puranas), visiting holy places and holy persons, performance of ‘Vraths’ or Sacrifices are all parts of the Bhakti Yoga. The Third Path of Jnana Yoga or the Spiritual Knowledge is the realisation of Prakriti or Maya and ‘Purusha’ or Paramatma as ‘Avyaktam’(Unknown),’Sasvatam’ (Everlasting), ‘Vishnu’(all pervading),’Anantham’( Endless), ‘Ajam’(Unborn), ‘Avyaam’ (Imperishable).By logical deduction, commonsense or personal discernment, Spiritual Evidence and Self-Realisation, there is a firm conviction that the Universe has a beginning and an end.The impermanancy of all the contents of the Universe inluding the existence of the Creator Brahma, the Preserver Vishnu the the destroyer Siva (representing the Three Gunas) down the Planetary System, Demi-Gods, the entire Creation of life, let alone humanity is an extension and manifestation of that Unique Super Energy alone that exists far beyond the measures of Time, Material and Illusions. It is that finality of Truth which eludes Reality that a Jnani seeks to guess- be it by the Karma Route, or Bhakti, or Jnana Yoga or Siddhis that one targets to percieve finally!Hence the Quest for Truth and Meaning of Existence.

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