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Yogindras on Incarnations of Nara Narayan, Dattatreya and Hayagreeva

Yogindras also described the incarnations of Maharshis Nara Narayana and Datthatreya and their activities. Nara Narayana were born to Murthi, the daughter of Daksha Prajapati and Dharma who was born from the right breast of Lord Brahma. Indra was apprehensive that the Maharshi might not sidelight him and was infact afraid that he might as well usurp Heavens and as such sent Apsaras to Nara Narayana to spoil their meditation.

Smilingly, the Maharshi despatched the Demi- Gods and Apsaras with a few gifts and Indra, who by then learnt of as Narayana’s own Extension by Narada, reached the Maharshi of the sin that he performed and sought His blessings. Dattathreya, son of Atri Maha Muni was another incarnation of Super Energy that Yogindras made a special mention as the Ultimate Yogi and an ‘Avadhuta’who was least concerned with clothes or even physical cleanliness and considered as an Amalgam of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara. He was a mystic mendicant travelling far and wide with His cow and four dogs and a Master of Vedas and of high-level ‘Tantra’practice. He was the pioneer of ‘Kaanphota nathpanthi’or mystics with split-ears opposing Universal applicability of  Moral Discipline. He had such illustrious followers like Goraknath and Matsyendranath. He also opposed Yoga for purposes other than for elevation of the self with the Supreme, known as Non-Yoga. Yet another incarnation of Vishnu, Hayagreeva, as the Horse Head by killing the demon ‘Madhu’ who stole Vedas, when at the end of His Day fell asleep and the Vedas were stolen.The Lord assumed the form of a Giant Fish and retrieved the Vedas from the depths of the Ocean. [Avataras are of two kinds: Vibhuti Avataras and Saakshath Avatars. Among the latter type are : Purusha, Lila,Guna, Manvantara,Yuga and Sakti-Avesa Avataras. The Avataras could be of temporary nature (‘Vaibhava)’like Mohini, Vyasa, and Hamsa types or everlasting Avatars-‘Prabhava’ Avatars- like Rama, Krishna etc.Also there are three Vishnu Avataras viz. Karanodakasayi (Maha Vishnu),Garbodhakasayi (Pradyumna) and Kshirodakasayi (Aniruddha). Further, there are Bhaktavesha ( Kapila Muni or Rishabha Muni) or Saktyavesh Avataras (Sesha Naga:Swa Seva Sakti; Ananta Deva (Bhudharana Sakti; Brahma: Srishti Sakti; Kumars:Gyana  Sakti; Narada : Bhakti Sakti; and Parasurama:Dushta Damana Sakti and King Pruthu : Palana Sakti.

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