Essence Of Maha Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana


Uddhava, a highly dedicated Devotee of Lord Sri Krishna, had the unique privilege of His teachings popularly known as Uddhava Gita, in the post- Prabhasa Yatra period and retirement of Yadu Leaders at the ‘Prabhasa Kshetra’. Krishna conveyed that as a curse of Sages to some mischievous boys of the Yadu Vamsa, the entire dynasty would soon perish due to mutual fightings and that was why the Yadu elders preferred peaceful end of their lives.

The Lord said that at the express request of Brahma that He to take to mortal life for the defined purpose of reviving Dharma (Virtue) and destroying the Evil and it was time to return to His Abode Vaikuntha thus ending His Incarnation along with His Plenary Part as Balarama. Seven days hence, the Ocean would submerge the City of Dvaraka and its inhabitants. In such critical situations only when close members of a family perished and acute pain was caused that a person realised the futility of existence and the way in which material forces outweighed against the will of God; even minimal attention to the Almighty would have lightened the heavy mental strain to counter attachments created Maya the Illusion.

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