Essence Of Maha Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana

Nine Yogindras provide replies to Maharaja Nimi to Spiritual queries

Once Maharaja Nimi, son of Ikshvaku desired to perform a Sacrifice and requested Vasishtha to be the Head Priest, but Vasishtha was busy performing another Sacrifice for Indra and therefore asked Nimi to wait till he returned. But Nimi performed the Sacrifice without waiting for Vasishtha, who cursed Nimi, but Nimi too gave a curse to the Sage. As a result of the curses, both of them were dead, but  as Mitra and Varuna desired Urvasi in lust and from their thoughts of lust revived Vasishtha.

As regards, Nimi Maharaja, his body was preserved till the completion of the Sacrifice which was already in progress and once the Yagna was over, the Brahmanas requested Demi Gods to revive  his body already preserved. Nimi did not opt for the revival of the physical body but his spiritual body continued to exist. It was that spirirual body of Nimi, known as King Videha ( without physical Body) performed Soma-Yagnya and was blessed with the presence of Nine Yogindras viz. Kavi, Havir, Anthariksha, Prabuddha, Pippalayna, Havirhotra, Drumila, Chamasa and Karabhanjana.( Their lineage was: Swayambhu Manu or Priyamvrata- Agnidhara-Nabhi-Rishabhadeva considered as the Plenary expansion of Lord Narayana Himself- one hundred sons, headed by Bharata of BharataVarsha fame, including the Nine Yogindras). The Nine Yogindras, who were highly learned in Spiritual Science preaching the path of attaining Absolute Truth travelling naked all over the Universe, explained the Principles of Seeking the Truth to King Nimi alias Videha and those who attended  the Sacrifice.The pointed queries made to the Nine Yogindras by King Nimi ( Videha) were: 1)What is the highest good? 2) What are the Principles of Dharma and the general inclinations conditioning human beings like ‘Svabhava’ (one’ own nature or behavior), Acharya’ (Tradition), Speech pattern and other lakshanas’ (Traits) of Elevated human beings? 3) What is the external energy of Super Power? 4) How does one disassociate from Maya or Illusion? 5) How is a Brahmana (Devotee) identified? 6) What is ‘Karma’ (means of devotion) and its two major forms viz. materialistc or Spiritual (Kamuka or seeking oriented and Nishkama or Oriented to Almighty only) 7) What are the various Incarnations /Extensions of God? 8) What is the destination of a non-devotee? 9) What are the ideal forms of worship suited to the four ages (Yugas)? Yogindras explained that relentless pursuit of material desires, arising out of ignorance and leading to fear as conditioned by one’s own nature and nurture, tends to sideline or marginalise the Super Energy and Its Extension Forms or Incarnations aimed at the Four Yugas and even if a human being were to perform acts of devotional services these would invariably aim at desire-fulfilling ends and not Spiritually oriented. This vicious circle of cause and effect ought to be wrecked to yield to the path of Bhagavatha Dharma or the Discipline of Faith. Increase in the duration of devotional time, gradual detachment, and enhancement of Awareness of the Super Energy are the Golden Means required.

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