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Great Rishis cursed Yadu Vamsa to be destroyed

Taking a review of the substantial decrease of Earth’s burden by way of innumerable killings of Evil Forces eversince Lord Krishna and Balarama were born and right from the stage of wily Poothana’s obliteration, the Lords had a somewhat hesitant view in the context whether certain clans like those of Yadus were worthwhile continuing in existence. As a clan, the members were mere shadows without the Two of them, as after their exit from the earth was to take place sooner or later, the dynasty of Yadavas would be burden to the Earth!

As though reflecting these views, some of the Yadu boys were playing at a pilgrimage centre, named Pindarika, as highly illustrious Sages were passing by. Out of mischief, one of the boys dressed up as a pregnant woman and approached the Sages whether the ‘woman’ would deliver a male or female. The Great Rishis cursed the Yadu boys that the ‘woman’ would deliver neither a boy nor a girl but an iron club (a mace). The boys reported this incident to King Ugrasena who was afraid of the consequences.After scraching away the iron into pieces the remnants were thrown into the Sea and a fish swallowed the remainder iron lump and a hunter who caught the fish made an arrow with its pointer-end with the iron lump. In course of time following the curse, all the important personalities shifted to Prabasa Kshetra and the rest who remained back at Dvaraka destroyed each other themselves. . [Prabhasa is a holy place near Veraval Railway Station in the Junagadh region in Gujarat].

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