Essence Of Maha Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana

Bhasmasura over-smarted by Lord Vishnu and burnt as ashes

As though to confirm the selection of Lord Vishnu as the Superior of the Triumverate, Suka Muni narrated the happening of Lord Siva’s saving by Lord Vishnu. Accompanied by the Supreme Feminine Power ‘Shakti’, Lord Siva is an embodiment of Three kinds of Material Senses (Characteristics) or three ‘Gunas’of Sattva (Emotion), Rajas (Authority) and Tamas (Ignorance). Thus Siva’s reactions are instantaneous either as condemnations or blessings.

On a spur of the moment that Lord Siva took the decision of giving away a boon to Vrikasura (Bhasmasura), the son of Sakuni-one of the Epic Villains of Mahabharata. The boon was that who ever touched the Demon’s hand would be burnt to ashes! The Demon desired to experiment the efficacy of the boon by touching Lord Siva’s Head itself! Lord Siva had to take to heels to save His own Head; he fled to various Demi-Gods and Lord Brahma. Finally, He reached Vaikuntha and Lord Vishnu seeing the gravity of the situation, created a Brahmana Student by His Mystic Maya ( Illusion) who met the Demon gasping for breath as he was running and chasing  Lord Siva. The Brahmachari stopped Vrikasura and asked him about the problem. The Boy said that whatever was assured from Lord Siva was fake as His earlier boons  were never correct  and the various boons of invincibility or deathlessness given to Demons were all futile as they were all killed any way. Even in the instant case, Lord Siva’s boon would be a failure too. As a proof, the demon himself could put his hand on his head, the Brahmachari said. As a result, Bhasmasura was thus tricked and as soon as his hands were kept on his head, he was burnt to ashes. This ugly situation was thus avoided for Lord Siva.

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