Essence Of Maha Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana


Thus explained Suka Maha Muni the broad concept of ‘Virat Purusha’, beyond which there could be no other Reality and the rest a mere illusion. It is that ‘Reality’ which needs to be realised and deeply meditated to. This is the very the first step to Introspection. It is the Supreme Lord Who is in one’s own Heart. The marginal pleasures of Life are short-lived and it is unfortunate and foolish to pursue such quickly vanishing joys of corporal nature. It is equally wasteful to work hard and get highly engrossed into such quickly evaporating material rather than pursue the substantive and ever lasting happiness. Indeed, strict regimen of resisting the free play of  Five Sensory Features ( ‘Pancha Indriya’) is an intelligent way of channelising all the physical and mental energies in full force to achieve solid and everlasting bliss rather than chase inefficient and  useless actions that would only land into disappointments and dejections at the end of one’s own Life’s journey.

As such, it would be prudent to retain the minimum possible means of living and reject the unwanted and superfluous wants for which the labours to be put in are inversely proportionate to the gains secured. For example, adequate amount of money to eke out a living is good enough rather than seek immense wealth, which has no limit anyway. Sensual life to the desirable extent of procreating children is good enough rather than get entangled with endless conjugal life that has no limit but would lead to complicated health problems. Taking to the habit of drinking wine would certainly lead to the path of misery.Thus each desire should be properly weighed in terms of bare necessity rather than by a false feeling of so-called prestige, or status or Show. By such a frugal and most minimal existence, the unwanted chaff over the grain would make enormous room in terms of effort, time and purity of thought to concentrate on the imprint of The Supreme Self residing right within everybody’s own heart admeasuring some six inches with a Miniature Replica of the ‘Virat Purusha’. Then would commence the process of aligning the Miniature within and the Collossal Superforce all over, limb by limb, ie. hand by hand, head by head.

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