Essence Of Maha Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana

The destruction of Narakasura ( Bhaumika)

The end of notorious Bhaumika, the son of Bhumi ( Demi-Goddess of Earth), is celebrated till date on the moon fall day preceding Kartika Month of eyery year as ‘Deepavali’(The Festival of Lights). Krishna, accompanied by Satyabhama flew by Garuda to ‘Pragjyotisha’, Capital City of Bhaumasura [now in Assaam] , surrounded by mountains and  ramparts defended by  fire, water and unmanned automatic weapons as also protected by ‘Mura Pasha’- thousand miles-long deadly and sturdy wires as designed by  Demon Mura.

Krishna shattered the defence buttresses and blew His Panchajanya (Conch shell) with deadening reverberation as Demon Mura’s frontal fortification was destroyed. When provoked, the Demon tossed his powerful club which was slashed by Krishna’s Sudarsana Chakra into pieces and devastated Mura. Seven deadly sons of Mura, who had the knowledge of weapons as fully as their father, pounced in a group but Krishna’s Supreme powers were no match and they too were cracked. Bhaumasura shot at his ‘Sataghni’- the powerful disc with hundred blades- and later on with his mighty spear with which he defeated Indra too both of which proved futile. Finally Krishna gave His nod to Sudarsana Chakra (Wheel) to pull down the Demon and exterminate him.Thus Bhaumasura was sent to ‘Naraka’and hence his ignominious title as Narakasura.[Another version is that the Demon was arrowed down by Satyabhama herself, as he secured a blessing from Lord Brahma that only his mother Goddess of Earth ( Bhumi) could kill him; Satyabhama was the reincarnation of  Goddess Earth . It was at Indra’s distress call that received Krishna’s attention as Varuna’s Royalty Insignia, a Mother- Figure Aditi’s earrings, and ‘Mani Parvata’( Mandara Mountain) where Demi-Gods reside were among the abominable acts of the Demon. As a gesture of good-will, Satyabhama’s desire to transfer the ‘Parijata’ Tree (which emerged in the churning process of Ocean) to her garden from the Heaven was obliged by Indra. Krishna on His part released sixteen thousand royal maidens of Kings defeated by Bhaumasura and consented to marry them, in addition to the eight principal wives. Goddess Earth sought her apology for her son’s sins and reiterate her own devotion to Krishna.

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