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Aniruddhas wedding with Usha

Banasura, the grand son of the famed King Bali who gave the entire Universe in charity in lieu of three feet to Lord Vamana, was the father of daughter Usha who fell in love with Aniruddha, the son of Pradyumna and the grand son of Lord Krishna. Banasura was a dedicated devotee of Lord Siva, and the Lord awarded several invaluable benedictions to the Demon including powerful war weapons and thousand hands to relase the armaments simultaneously. Learning of the romance of his daughter with Aniruddha, the son of Pradyumana -the erstwhile Cupid who was burnt into ashes by Lord Siva’s third eye- and the grand son of Krishna (Avatar of Lord Vamana), Banasura quashed the wedding proposal.

Aniruddhha fought with Banasura as the latter tried to imprison Aniruddha. The fight led to Krishna and Siva face to face, as Banasura was an ardent devotee of Siva. Thus Aniruddha was pitted against Banasura, Pradyumna against Karthikeya, and Krishna against Siva. It appeared that this kind of situation was unprecedented. It also looked that the entire Universe was at a precipice, as mighty ‘Astras’ were exchanged and each one of them was sufficient to obliterate the Universe from existence.‘Brahmastra’ by Siva was replied by another ‘Brahmastra’ from Krishna; ‘Pasupatastra’ from Siva was balanced by ‘Narayanastra’ of Krishna.The entire episode was ridiculous as the Super Powers realised sooner than later. Siva in His humility praised Krishna. Maya, the illusion was apparently at work. After mutual realisation, the battle got terminated and a subdued Banasura requested Aniruddha to wed Usha.

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