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Bhagvat Purana

Naradas futuristic vision

 Approaching Krishna the Supreme Form of  Lord Narayana Himself  to worship Him in solitude, Devarshi Narada described the unbelievable miracles of Krishna from his futuristic vision:Being the Supreme Energy of the Universe, which is His own volition to create and play with, Krishna is the Super Controller of Time-the Past, Present and Future. He descends on Earth to protect the virtuous and destroy the Evil; the destruction of  Arishta and Kesi are tiny instances of His omni-potency.

Thus Narada disclosed the future Events, as follows:  ‘Within two days now, Lord Krishna would witness the death of Chanura and Mustika, the man-mountain wrestlers and the massive elephant Kuvalayapida. The cruel King Kamsa would be the next target.The annihilations of Demons Kalayavana, Mura, Sankha  and Naraka would follow. Krishna would defeat Indra and present ‘Parijata’- the Heavenly Tree to Queen Rukmini; marry many daughters of Kings after defeating them out of valour; deliver King Nriga from his curse; capture the jewel ‘Samanthaka’from Jambavantha the Great Bear and marry Jambavati; revive and bring back the dead son of Sandipani Muni from the abode of Yama, the King of death; kill Poundraka, burn the City of Kasi; annihilate Dantavakra and the King of Chedi at Rajasurya Sacrifice; perform several other pastimes at ‘Dwaraka’ and emerge as the Charioteer of Arjuna at the Epic Battle of Mahabharata and after destroying many other Evil Forces lighten the burden of Earth!’  Thus Narada provided to the posterity a sweep of events to happen in future as per his mystic powers. The details of the Events  were described by Suka Mahamuni to King Parikshith. But some of the happenings are highlighted as follows in the following pages.

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