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Bhagvat Purana

Krishnas demolition of Kamsa and other Demons

Narada disclosed to Kamsa that the killers of Arishta, Kesi and other emissaries sent by the latter to kill Krishna and Balarama  were actually the sons of Vasudeva and Devaki but not of Nanda and Yashoda. Kamsa wished to kill his sister and Vasudeva in prison at once but was restrained by Narada. Kamsa called Chanura and Mushtika -the monster-like wrestlers, to get ready for a duel with the boys to be invited for a Bow-Sacrifice in honour of Yadus and asked Akrura of Yadu Vamsa to personally invite and accompany the boys of Nanda to celebrate the Function.

There was alround excitement in Mathura as the the illustrious brothers visited the City in person! Several persons gathered to see Krishna and Balarama, the mystifying figures from Brindavan even as large collections of ladies joined the processions as they were mesmorised. On way, the brothers met a washerman and asked for suitable dresses for them, but he was headstrong and talked foul and told them that they were beggars; Krishna nipped his head with his little finger; the miscreants were Kamsa’s followers and the notice was sent to the King squarely and he had no sleep in the previous night. They met a weaver and asked for clothes which were presented to them instantly as he recognised Almighty in them and similarly a flower vendor accosted them with humility and garlanded the boys; the brothers blessed  them with prosperity and family welfare. While crossing a high road, they witnessed a hunch back Girl named Trivakra, carrying a tray of perfumes to the King’s Court and while conversing with her, Krishna pulled her up and straightened her body to convert her as a normal person; the feat was witnessed by many onlookers as a sample miracle. They visited the Bow Arena where the Sacrifice was to be done the day next and broke the ‘Indra Dhanush’ with ease even as a contingent of soldiers protested and fought.On the day next, the Arena of Wrestling was agog with exhilaration, when Krishna and Balaram entered the place, the mighty elephant Kuvalayapida was shattered in a jiffy. Later they participated in the Wrestling Tournament where Charura, Mustika, Kutha, Sala and Tosala were smashed. There were cheers alround but seeing the other wreslers running away, Kamsa was outraged and sougt to kill the boys himself with his sword. The mystery Boys flew across to the Stage and devastated Kamsa like two ferocius lions tearing a lamb. There was a furore in the assembly and Kamsa’s eight brothers headed by Kanka and Nyagrodhaka were crushed  too. The Invincible Lords Krishna and Balarama opened the prison gates of their parents and touched their feet, as they were stunned and went into a trance. The Boys paid their obeisances profusely and told them:‘Yas tayor atmajah Kalpa-atmanacha dhanenucha-vrittim na dadyat tam pretha-Sva mamsam khadyanti hi’ (A son, though able to do so, fails to provide for his parents with his physical resources and wealth is forced after his death to eat his own flesh). They further said: Sarvartha sambhava deho-janitho poshito Yatah- na tayor yati nirvesam-pitror martyah satayushya ( As one’s body is acquired by parents, the goals of life are fulfilled since their parents gave birth and sustenance; therefore no mortal man can repay his debts enen if he lives for hundred lives). Vasudeva’s son Ugrasena was coronated as the King of Mathura and the Second Birth Celebrations of the Boys was performed ‘Thread Ceremony or Yagnopavitha and Gayatri) and relatives and relations were invited. Indeed they missed the presence of their foster parents Nanda and Yashoda as also the inhabitants of Gokul and Brindavan, especially the sprightly Gopikas.

Krishna and Balarama visited their Spiritual Teacher Sandipa Muni who resided at Avanti           ( Ujjain) was visited bringing immense joy to the Muni. They offered give ‘Guru Dakshina’ for the Studies of Dhanur Veda, Martial Arts and War Tactics.The Muni asked for their son dead in the Ocean at Prabhasa as he was devoured by a Demon Panchajanya ( who had the shape of  a conch shell). As the son of the Guru was not in the Demon’s stomach, they reached ‘Samyamani’ the Abode of Yamadhararaja and brought the dead boy alive. Thus Krishna and Balarama gave Guru Dakshina to Sandipa Muni. There after they visited Uddhava, their childhood friend and nephew, requested him to visit the Vraja places and meet their parents and well wishers as also the Gopikas and narrate to them an account of their activities at Mathura.Uddhava on reaching the Places met them all, and narrated the happenings. He returned back, after an emotional and tearful send-off with return messages from all of them, especially Gopikas.

    The two Queens of the deceased Kamsa, Asti and Prapthi, approached their father Jarasandha, the highly powerful Monarch of Magadha and asked for retribution for the ‘misdeeds’ of Balarama and Krishna. With a huge army under him, Jarasandha attacked Mathura with some twenty three Akshouhinis of infantry, cavalry and elephantry and challenged Krishna and Balarama.The Lords shattered the massive opponents even as they had a minor number; and made sure that only Jarasandha be spared so that he would return back to regroup his men and material. Indeed he returned back again and again, getting routed for seventeen times.When Jarasandha was expected to attack for the eighteenth time, -Yavanas, the Mleccha  foreign forces- headed by Kalayavana attacked Mathura with thirty million barbarian soldiers of desperation and cruelty.  Krishna and Balarama felt that while they would fight with Yavanas, Jarasandha’s army might simultaneously harm Yadus. Thus they planned to build a new place, named Dvaraka (with  twelve Gates) and asked Visvakarma, the Architect of  Devatas who created a beautiful and well structured fortress City touching the Sea. By means of His mystic Yoga Maya ( Power of Illusion), the Citizens of Mathura got transferred, lock-stock and barrel-overnight to Dvaraka and found themselves in luxurious  palaces. Even as  Balarama was defending Mathura, Krishna attracted the attention of Kalayavana, passing singly by foot, by the Main Gate of Mathura. Kalayavana followed Krishna closely but always unreachable with some distance apart and led the Mlechha into a mountain cave.Thinking that Krishna Himself assumed a new ‘Rupa’( Body) as an old and haggardly person in the cave as Krishna was known for such powers, Kalayavana kicked the old man fast asleep. Indeed He was not Krishna but Muchukunda, the son of Mandhata of Ikshvaku dynasty.He was the defender of Demi-Gods from Daityas for long but since Lord Kartikeya became the Commander of Demi- Gods, the latter relieved Muchukunda of his duties and Kartikeya advised him of retirement and since then he was sleeping in the cave, unaware of hundreds of years passed by! By his very looks of fire, Muchukunda converted Kalayavana into ashes as per Indra’s benediction that if anybody disturbed his slumber would be burnt to ashes! Subsequently Krishna granted a wish to Muchukunda to be reborn as a Sage from his Kshatriya’s current birth. Muchukunda exited from the cave into a World new from what he knew and realised that Kali Yuga was on the anvil, as the size of humans, animals, birds and trees was reduced considerably. He proceeded to Gandhamadana mountain and reached Nara-Narayana Ashram and meditated for the rest his life. Meanwhile, Krishna and Balarama found Mathura under the seige of Yavanas and with their Chief Kalayavana was missing found themselves shattered by a handful of Yadava soldiers and of course by Krishna and Balarama. The jewellery and wealth plundered by the dead Yavanas, being carried to Dvaraka by the Yadavas was intercepted by Jarasandha. Krishna and Balaram took to their heels ( as Jarasandha was not destined to die in their hands). When chased to a mountain named Pravarshana , Jarasandha put the mountain top afire by his soldiers and felt that the two might have been burnt. [Jarasandha took to prison a number of  Kings at Yudhishtar’s Rajasuya Yaga since they agreed to Krishna becoming the Chief Guest; subsequently when Krishna, Bhima and Arjun visited Jarasandha’s Palace in disguise as Bramanas to free the Kings, the three of them challenged him for a duel with any one of them and Bhima was chosen.. Jarasandha was not getting killed for many days and Krishna hinted to tear  Jarasandha’s body by cutting branch of a tree and throwing up the pieces upside down in opposite directions. This was because a Rishi blessed  King Brihadhratha ( father of Jarasandha) for a child with a fruit which was cut into two half pieces and distributed to two of his wives, but they delivered a child in two pieces; the child was united by putting the two pieces of their body upside down by a Demoness named Jara and hence the name was Jara-sandha. After Bhima killed Jarasandha, some 21,000 Kings, defeated in wars and imprisoned, were liberated.]                      
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