Essence Of Maha Bhagavatha Purana

Bhagvat Purana

Virat Purusha the Primeval Force

Described as ‘Purusha’, the Primeval Force of Creation possesses countless heads, eyes and feet pervading the entire Universe, far beyond the miniscule level of human comprehension.He is Omni-present, omniscient and omni-potent. He is immortal, intangible, and inexpressible. Whatever has been described, visualised or imagined by way of His Glory is far surpassed. It is stated in Purusha Suktham(a Vedic compilation of Hymns) that hardly one quarter of the Purusha is comprehended as the totality of His Creation and the rest of Him is unmanifested. From the manifested part sprang the ‘Brahmanda’ or the Cosmos, the countless forms of living or non-living species and the Five Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Sky) as also the Divine Architect,’Visva Karma’, The Master-Builder.

The Gigantic and Collosal Manifestation of the Material World be likened with the Body of The Absolute Truth, wherein the concepts of Time-The Past, The Present and The Future-converge into One. Sages concieved the ‘Virat Swarupa’ or The Body comprising Various Limbs: The Bottoms of The Feet as ‘Patala’; the Heels and Toes as the Planets named ‘Rasatala’; Ankles as ‘Mahatala’ Planets; the Shanks as ‘Talatala’ Planets; The Knees as the ‘Mahatala’ Planets; the two Thighs as ‘Atala’ and ‘Vitala’ Planets; The Hips as the ‘Mahitala’ Planets and the Navel as the Inter- Space. The Chest of The Giant Body is likened to  the Luminary Planetery System, The Neck as the ‘Mahar’Planets; and The Mouth and Forehead are the ‘Janas’ and ‘Tapas’ Planetery  Systems respectively.The Sages described the Topmost Planetary Structure comprising Thousand Heads as ‘Satya Loka’; His Arms as Demi-Gods (‘Devatas’) conducted by ‘Indra’as the Chief; the Ten Directional Sides as His Ears; the Physical Sound as Sense of Hearing; the Two Nostrils as Aswini Kumars; Material Fragrance as The Sense of Smell; His Throat as the Blistering Fire; His Eyepits as the Outer Space; Eye Balls as the Power of Vision (The Sun); Eye Lids as Day and Night; Eye Brows are the Places where Brahma and Super Personalities Reside; His Palate is the Director of Water ‘Varuna’; and His Toungue is the Spring of Juices or the Sense of Taste; Cerebral Passage are the Vedas; His Jaws of Teeth are the Lord ‘Yama’, the Dispenser of Death and Justice; The Set of Teeth is the Art of Affection; His Smile is the most fascinating and deceptive Material Energy; Upper Portion of His Lips is Modesty; His Chin is the Craving and Thirst; His Breast is Religion and His Back Irreligion; His Genitals the Brahma or the Creator; His Two Testicles are Mitra-Varunas; His Waist is the Ocean; His Bones are the Hills and Mountains; The Veins of His Gigantic Body are the Rivers; His Body Hairs are Trees;His Breath is the Omnipotent Air; His Movements are Passing Ages; His Actions are the Reactions or  the Three Modes of Material Nature; Hairs on His Head are the Clouds carrying water / rain; His Intelligence is the Supreme Cause of Material Creation; His Mind is the Moon or the Reservoir of all Changes; His Ego is Rudradeva; His Residence is Humanity; His Musical Rhythm is the Celestial Existence of ‘Gandharvas’ ‘Vidyadharas’ and Angels; and so on. The Face of the Gigantic Body is of ‘Brahmanas’, Arms are ‘Khsatriyas’, Thighs are ‘Vaisyas’ and Feet are under the protection of ‘Sudras’. The ‘Virat Purusha’ has no beginning or end; is all powerful and all-prevading.

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